10 Best Actors In Marvel Movies, According To Ranker

With Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige’s recent announcement that 2019 Avengers: Endgame going to be the last Avengers movie in the MCU, what better time to look back at some of the best actors involved in the multi-billion dollar franchise.

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Marvel has had an incredible lineup of high profile actors on screen, from complete legends to actors who have built their stardom almost entirely in the MCU. But which ones turned out to be fan favourites? While it’s likely that each person would choose a different person, moviegoers at private soldier have done their best to give a general idea of ​​who they believe to be the best.


Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt as Starlord in GOTG 2

Chris Pratt made his debut playing the lovable jester Andy in the TV sitcom Parks and recreation. However, he’s now best known for being a massive action star landing lead roles in the latest reboot of the jurassic park franchise, The Lego Movieand Marvel guardians of the galaxy.

Pratt plays the lead role of Star-Lord in both guardians of the galaxy films as well as appearing in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Fans love the comedic elements Pratt brings to action movies, especially since they relieve the tension of some of the franchise’s darkest moments.

patrick stuart

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Patrick Stewart is a legendary actor, best known for his work as Picard in the star trek franchise, and Professor X/Charles Xavier in Marvel’s x-men movies.

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Although he has yet to make an appearance in the MCU, fans are speculating and anticipating that Stewart will reprise his role as Professor X in the upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Although they haven’t really given away much in the trailers, fans think Professor X could play a pivotal role given that he has ties to Wanda Maximoff in the comics (which could now branch out into the MCU).

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury Angru

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most prolific actors working with tons of huge blockbuster franchises today. Jackson is known for many different roles, but he is perhaps best known for his work with legendary writer-director Quentin Tarantino as well as playing Mace Windu in star wars and Nick Fury in the MCU.

Jackson was one of the first members of the Avengers introduced in the original Iron Man, and starred in more than 10 MCU movies. Many fans would agree that the franchise wouldn’t be the same without him, especially since he manages to perfectly capture Nick Fury’s strong leadership skills and intimidating nature. It doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon either, with him set to appear in the Disney+ series, Secret Invasion.

Tom Holland

Peter Parker looks worried in Infinity War

He may have been one of the last additions to the Avengers, but Holland’s Spider-Man has become a fan-favorite character. Whether it’s because of his heartfelt and emotional performance and Tony Stark’s innocent apprentice or because of his iconic relationships with MJ and Ned, fans have thoroughly enjoyed watching Holland’s portrayal as a web-slinger.

Although the star seems to have left the MCU (for now) to focus on blockbusters like Unexplored and a future Fred Astaire biopic, there’s still a chance he’ll return to reprise his role one day.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Trial Positive Impact

Scarlett Johansson is another legendary actress who is part of the MCU and was one of the first women to be brought into the MCU in a leading role. She’s appeared in 9 MCU movies since she was added to the cinematic universe in 2010 to iron man 2and she’s starred in almost as many MCU films as Samuel L. Jackson (appearing in 9 features in total).

Johansson appeared more recently in critical and commercial success Black Widow, where fans finally got to see her character, Natasha Romanoff’s origin story film. Fans loved the cast and performances of Black Widowspecifically praising the chemistry between Johansson and his co-star Florence Pugh.

Tom Hiddleston

Loki as king in the first Thor movie

Tom Hiddleston plays fan-favorite Loki in the Thor and avengers movies. The actor has built a name and a huge following for himself playing the legendary troubled and mischievous brother of Thor.

Loki is one of the most complicated and layered characters in the MCU. Originally appearing as the main antagonist of Thor and The Avengers, Loki has truly evolved as a character across the MCU, ultimately helping his brother and the rest of the Avengers save the world. Hiddleston recently starred opposite Owen Wilson in the original Disney+ show titled Lokiwhere he reprized his titular role as Master of Mayhem.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America Civil War Raft Breakout

Chris Evans is known throughout the MCU for his legendary role as Steve Rogers/Captain America. Despite releasing the Iron Man movie first, Captain America is literally the first Avenger to make an appearance in 2011. Captain America: The First Avenger, and appearing in over 10 MCU films since. Evans is also known for his starring roles in movies like Knives out and snowdrops.

Although the actor appears to have made his final appearance as Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame, many fans would agree that his legacy still lives on as other MCU characters pay homage to his kind and selfless heart. There’s always the possibility that he’ll return and make a brief appearance in other projects as well (possibly in a flashback sequence), so fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor (2011)

Chris Hemsworth is a massive action star who really got his start and made a name for himself with his role as Thor in the MCU. Hemsworth has starred in 8 MCU films since appearing as the titular character of Thor Odinson in Thor.

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With the actor set to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel Thor: Love and Thunder, many fans are excited to see what challenges God will face. Fans are also eagerly awaiting to see more of his Guardians of the Galaxy interactions since the character is known for producing plenty of hilarious one-liners and scenes. Hopefully it will live up to everyone’s expectations.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman in Logan

Hugh Jackman‘s role as Logan/Wolverine might be one of the most legendary superhero performances on a truly amazing and gifted actor’s roster. Jackman began the role of Wolverine in 2000 with the original x-men film and has starred in 11 films since as the character.

Jackman finally brought the role to its peak in 2017 Logan with Patrick Stewart co-starring in what many consider their best performances as the aging and troubled superheroes. Fans are highly unlikely to see Jackman reprise the role, but it’s hard to imagine a recast because Jackman has really nailed the role for so long.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man in Avengers Endgame

Many fans consider Robert Downey Jr. to be the godfather of the MCU because he had the first solo movie with the first Iron Man, and he’s appeared in 10 MCU movies since then. RDJ stars as Tony Stark/Iron Man and is similar to Hugh Jackman and his role as Wolverine in many ways.

They both made many appearances as the character, they were both done with the character despite fans’ constant pleas to return to the role, and they both embodied the character they returned so well. nearly impossible to redesign. Robert Downey Jr. has played many iconic roles, including Charles Chaplin, Dr. John Doolittle and Sherlock Holmes.

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