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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about a competent but eccentric group of detectives. The main protagonist, Jake Peralta, is the most relatable of all.

The NBC sitcom Brooklyn nine-nine is about a fun squad of detectives who become families by solving crimes. While this is an ensemble show, the episodes generally center around Detective Jake Peralta.

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Jake is the team’s goofball. He is known for his boyish charm and laid back personality. However, he is also one of the best detectives in the neighborhood. Fans love him for his kind heart and hilarious liners. They also love him because he can be told, which makes him such a remarkable character.

ten “When did everyone decide to become an adult?”

Jake likes to say that he is not crippling in debt, but rather “crushing” the debt. His frivolous character trait puts him in danger of losing his apartment. When Gina offers to pay her rent because she saved a lot of money, Jake is surprised. He asks Amy when everyone has decided to become adults.

Viewers can understand Jake’s aversion to growing old. Adulthood has a way of sneaking up on people. It can be hard to come to terms with the boring aspects of being an adult, like paying bills or going to the DMV.

9 “The point is, haters are going to hate it. Shake. Taylor Swift, always right.

Brooklyn 99

All along Brooklyn nine-nine, Jake expresses his love for Taylor Swift on several occasions. He claims that she makes him “feel things” and that Swift’s security team has detained him due to a misunderstanding.

Taylor Swift is such a popular musician because her lyrics resonate with people. Jake quotes Swift’s song “Shake it Off” when he advises Terry on how to deal with his bullies. Fans of the artist and the show can take Swift’s advice to heart when facing negative people in their own lives.

8 “The only interesting thing I did today was take a Buzzfeed quiz on what kind of onion I am.”

Everyone at one point or another has fallen into a rabbit hole while surfing the Internet. Quizzes, in particular, are a great way to have fun and waste time.

Although Jake is one of the highest ranking members of the 99th District, he is known to slack off on occasion. Jake claims the only interesting thing he did that day was take a quiz about what kind of onion he is. It may not seem like an important question to answer, but the audience also wants to take the quiz after hearing this line.

7 “Either way, I’m going to cry in the bathroom. Peace, my friends!

After Jake is released from prison, he struggles to get back to the field. He doesn’t want to stop someone innocent and make them go through what they’ve done. After sharing this, he smiles and tells everyone he’s going to cry in the bathroom.

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The audience may or may not be able to relate to Jake’s career struggles. However, many viewers sympathize with his discomfort with the vulnerability. Jake often avoids difficult feelings by telling a joke. Also, sometimes a good screaming session can help people deal with their emotions.

6 “As you all know, I hate Thanksgiving. Pilgrims were murderers, and turkey tastes like napkins.

Jake doesn’t have fond memories associated with Thanksgiving. Most of it has to do with his absent father. However, it is also because he does not like turkey or the complex history of the holidays.

American viewers understand where Jake came from with this quote. Thanksgiving is more forgettable than the holidays like Halloween and Christmas. But Jake learns that what makes the day special isn’t the food or the history of the pilgrims – his friends in the 99th arrondissement are what make the holidays memorable.

5 “All the drinks I bring are blue.”

Jake’s taste in food is often joked on the series. He eats gelatin bears wrapped in fruit rolls and calls it a breakfast burrito. Jake also consumes drinks of the blue variety more than any other color.

Many fans can sympathize with Jake’s guilty pleasure of junk food. Blue drinks might not be natural, but they are delicious. His childish appetite is both hilarious and relatable. It’s good that Jake starts dating Amy because she encourages him to eat healthier and drink more water.

4 “Is that a ‘Chris’? Hemsworth? Evans? Pratt? Pine? Brown? To cross?”

Holt informs his team that someone has robbed a celebrity in their neighborhood. Jake wants to take the case because he thinks it could be a famous Chris. Fans can understand Jake’s assumption. There are many celebrities named Chris, especially in the cast of Marvel. It is difficult to follow them all.

The audience also understands Jake’s disappointment when he finds out the celebrity is a non-Chris. Instead, the victim is a world-famous oboist whom Holt and her husband admire.

3 “Oh come on! Why doesn’t my life always run smoothly? “

Jake and Amy meet assault victim in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When the neighborhood is invited to a birthday party at Holt’s house by Kevin, Jake plans to impress by talking about items from The New Yorker. However, he can’t find the right item that the guests are discussing. So he moans that his life doesn’t always turn out perfectly.

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Jake’s frustration when things don’t go as planned is understandable. When bad luck strikes, fans share a similar wish to Jake. Everyone wants a simple life without complications.

2 “Everyone loves to be the teaser. It makes you feel safe! “

Brooklyn Nine Nine Jake and Amy

Jake sleeps with Sophia, not knowing that she is the attorney for a suspect he is trying to put behind bars. Sophia jokes that she will tell the court that he loves being the teaspoon. Jake defends everyone doing it. Prosecutor Carl backs him up by saying, “Yes, teaspoon all the way.”

Most fans can agree with Jake on this one. It’s nice to be held, and being the teaser doesn’t make you weak. It’s times like these where Jake validates viewers by breaking down gender stereotypes.

1 “I was in bed at 10:00 am. Then I looked at my phone for another two hours, so I actually didn’t sleep very well.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 2 Episode 14 Terry Jake

Jake intends to have a drink with Gina but cannot make it due to his new job. When Terry asks Jake how he slept, Jake says he went to bed early but stayed on his phone for a few hours.

It describes a typical bedtime routine for many viewers. Often times, people start scrolling through their social media when they get under their covers at night. While this causes people like Jake to lose sleep, it can help distract them from their daily troubles and worries.

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