10 best shows like the woman in the house opposite the girl in the window

Netflix Thriller, The woman in the house opposite the girl at the window, is no ordinary sight. In it, a sad woman who lost her daughter and divorced her husband not only believes she witnessed a murder, but also believes the widower she had a crush on is behind it all.

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Viewers who have already loved the new Netflix show and loved it will be happy to find something similar on one of the streaming services. Fortunately, there is no shortage of incredible shows of the same genre. Shows The woman in the house opposite the girl at the window mostly involve ordinary people or people whose lives are on a downward spiral, finding themselves at the center of complicated murders or disappearances.


The Defeat (2020)

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The grace that undoes 10

A therapist’s life is turned upside down when her husband is named as a suspect in a woman’s murder. Evidence begins to pile up on him but he claims he is innocent, putting the therapist in a difficult situation.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant are names that belong in blockbuster posters, but unlike other A-list actors, the two never shy away from going the TV route. With the two stars in mind, The defeat we did not expect to be disappointed and this is not the case. The twists continue and in what should now be considered one of Nicole Kidman‘s most memorable roles, she gives a masterclass in how to portray different facial expressions on screen.

Only Murders in the Building (2021–present)

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Mabel Only Murders In The Building vinyl trench coat

The show revolves around three true podcast fans who all reside in the same apartment building. When a murder occurs in the building, they quickly team up and try to solve it.

The strength of Only murders in the building lies in its characters all trying to make things not seem as serious as they are. Instead of descending into melancholy, the series frequently opts for humor, making events fun rather than depressing to follow. And instead of using the crime-solving methods played, the characters go the podcast route.

Mare Of Easttown (2021 – Present)

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Mare looks away in Mare Of Easttown (2021-)

When a teenage mother is murdered, a local detective who hasn’t had an easy life thus far vows to find the culprit. However, the townspeople are unconvinced that she will do anything as she once botched another investigation involving a missing girl.

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Rather than spending every minute solving the mystery at hand, Easttown Pond occasionally switches to a family drama, giving viewers plenty of subplots to follow. The show is also heavily boosted by the talent of the A-list star it employs. Kate Winslet commands every scene she’s a part of, while making others shine with grace through dialogue-rich interactions.

One of Us Lies (2021–present)

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Bronwyn and Nate slow dance at school dance in One Of Us Is Lying

While five students are being held, one suddenly falls dead. The remaining 4 students thus become suspects but they think that none of them did it so they team up to try to solve the murder.

one of us is lying could be considered one of the best TV adaptations of books because it is very faithful to the Karen M. McManus novel on which it is based. The acting isn’t exceptional as it should be, given the actors’ inexperience, but sticking to the author’s idea of ​​how the story should unfold, the plot turns out to be very solid.

Collateral (2018)

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Kip wears a gray blazer at his office in Collateral

A pizza delivery man is murdered while at the home of a politician’s ex-wife. A detective embarks on the investigation and discovers that the murder was not just a coincidence. The ex-wife may have been trying to cover something up.

With only 4 episodes, Collateral is the perfect show for viewers with little time to spare. In its limited time frame, the BBC Two thriller packs plenty of subplots and pushes far more boundaries than most long-running TV shows. Not all the answers are given either, with viewers left to find out some things for themselves.

Cruel Summer (2021 – Present)

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Jeanette in bed in Cruel Summer

The life of two teenage friends becomes complicated when one of them suddenly disappears. A year later, she is found alive and claims that her friend knew about her kidnapping and never said anything.

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There’s a twist every few minutes in cruel summer. New developments are sometimes exhausting, but there’s enough new information to spark curiosity for what’s to come next. Different timelines are also explored. Former teenage Disney star Olivia Holt also gives an award-worthy performance, casting herself as one of Hollywood’s potential future stars.

13 Reasons Why (2017 – 2020)

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Jess and Justin about to kiss in the hallway in 13 Reasons Why

A teenage girl commits suicide and leaves records to explain exactly why she did it. Several of his friends and classmates are revealed to have had an impact on his mental state. In future seasons, the show also focuses on other student deaths.

13 reasons why stands out among the best teen dramas because it tackles the highly sensitive topics of suicide, bullying, and sexual assault. And despite the fact that events mostly revolve around teenage characters, the dialogue is mature enough to keep adult audiences engaged. Unfortunately, the incredible plot of the first season doesn’t quite live up to the following seasons.

[email protected] (2016 – 2018)

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T@gged Noah Centineo

An unknown social media user starts tagging 3 girls in videos where crimes including murders are being committed. The three girls therefore do their best to find out who is tagging them before anyone suspects them of being behind the account.

Thrillers and dramas on social media are still rare but [email protected] fits perfectly into this space. The importance of privacy is repeatedly emphasized, with the show also reminding why everyone should always be careful on social media. There is also an incredible chemistry between the 3 main characters.

The Air Hostess (2020 – Present)

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Carol speaks with a flight attendant in Home Sweet Home Alone

A flight attendant wakes up in a hotel room with a corpse next to her. She has no idea what happened, so she goes on a frantic mission to uncover the truth.

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The curse of stars of popular TV shows failing to land such prominent roles has followed most of the actors of The Big Bang Theory but Kaley Cuoco turned out to be an exception. The HBO Max show has received rave reviews. The stewardess is not limited to the pulpy thriller genre. It also weaves its way into comedy territory, making good use of Cuco’s talents in the process.

Big Little Lies (2017 – 2019)

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The Wright twins in Big Little Lies

The lives of three elite women are turned upside down when a murder occurs at a prestigious public school in their town. As the hunt for the murderer begins, several secrets about various residents are revealed.

big little lies is yet another series that gets a big boost from a strong cast. Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman both claim the Emmys with their performances as mothers who have much of what is needed to live a comfortable life but whose lives continue to be marred by fate. Themes of misogyny, trauma and domestic violence are also explored.

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