10 Biggest Disappointments In The X-Men Movies

The x-men the films were a unique superhero franchise. They weren’t stand-alone stories focused on a single hero like Sam Raimi’s. Spider Man trilogy, nor a grand, interconnected epic like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, they were series between the two dominant styles, focusing on one of Marvel Comics’ best-known and best-loved superhero films – with inconsistent results.

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The x-men the films were notorious for their inconsistency. They had great movies like X2: X-Men United and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and then they had movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine Where dark phoenix. The franchise as a whole, while highly regarded, had several aspects that disappointed fans.

ten They never explored their new future timeline

A die x-men films set in the distant future was days of future past. He told two parallel stories. One focused on Wolverine attempting to change history, while the other focused on the last remnants of mutantkind making a final stand against the Sentinels. The film’s ending showed a new timeline in the future, one where Xavier’s school was still standing and many beloved characters were alive again.

The films then never followed this timeline. Despite its exciting possibilities, they ignored it in favor of new timeline prequels like X-Men: Apocalypse and dark phoenix. The only film set later than it was Logan. This film was ambiguous as to its timeline and was set in an equally dark future.

9 X-Men Origins: Magneto Canceled

Although he was a frequent villain, Erik ‘Magneto’ Lehnsheer was a fan-favorite character throughout the x-men movies. It had a sympathetic story and purposes, a deep and respectful relationship with Charles Xavier, and was portrayed fantastically by Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender.

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X-Men Origins: Magneto was a planned prequel focusing entirely on Magneto. It would have put him first rather than having him split time with an ensemble. The film was highly anticipated, but entirely dependent on the success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Origins: Magneto was unfortunately canceled before it started.

8 The general lack of connectivity

The x-men movies made superhero sets long before The Avengers, but used a very different storytelling than the MCU. The MCU is a strong continuity franchise where each movie tells a single ongoing story. Although nominally in continuity, the X-Men films told largely separate stories with the same characters and themes.

This approach has worked for many movies, but has come with several complications. In particular, X-Men: First Class had many continuity inconsistencies with the other films, requiring days of future past to try to smooth them out. Additionally, the second timeline’s frequent jumps in time and lack of connection to each other strained the suspension of disbelief for many.

seven The Dark Phoenix Saga Failed Twice

The Dark Phoenix Saga was one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic story arcs. It pushed the X-Men further than any other event and was a defining moment for the characters of Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and more. Unfortunately, two different x-men movies attempted to bring it to the big screen, and both failed.

X-Men: The Last Stand used parts from Dark Phoenix Sagabut didn’t give him enough light in the film and changed key elements. dark phoenix brought Jean Gray and the Phoenix to the forefront of the movie, but failed overall as a movie. See iconic history fail twice disappointed a lot of fans.

6 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Goofed An Easy Premise

Wolverine was the most important character in the x-men movies. So he was the logical choice when the time came to do a prequel origin story. The film had all the ingredients for success. It would detail Wolverine’s war history and include fan-favorite characters like Gambit, Sabretooth, and Deadpool.

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Fans and critics then filmed the film. Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber’s performances as Wolverine and Sabretooth were praised, but they were the only thing. The story was cliched, the movie wasted its best characters, and it didn’t do anything compelling with a compelling character.

5 Magneto never had a full movie as a hero

Magneto appeared as the villain in the original x-men, then spent the rest of the franchise in different roles. In X2: X-Men United, he formed an alliance with the X-Men before betraying them. In apocalypse, he becomes one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse before changing sides. In days of future pasthe first sided with the heroes in both timelines before betraying them in the past.

Magneto has filled every role, from full-blown villain, to wary ally, to anti-villain. However, he was never able to spend an entire film on the side of good. days of future past hinted at a long-standing alliance between him and Xavier with plenty of stories to tell. However, audiences just saw him switch sides a lot.

4 Apocalypse prevented the franchise from having just one beloved trilogy’

The x-men The movies’ biggest flaw was inconsistency. Some were excellent, some were terrible and some were mediocre. One of the results of this inconsistency was that there was no single trilogy where every movie was good. The original trilogy suffered with The last Standand the Wolverine trilogy only hit the mark with Logan.

Fans had high hopes for the first trilogy of prequel films. Both X-Men: First Class and days of future past were loved and seen as a return to form for the franchise. So apocalypse came out of. Although he had his good times, it was ultimately a disappointment. Despite many good movies, the franchise couldn’t have three in a row.

3 Wolverine’s Constant Shoehorn

Wolverine has long been a focal point for the X-Men in comics and movies. The films made him one of the central characters of x-men, then continued to highlight it throughout the franchise. It was not a problem in itself. The character was well written and had an excellent cast in Hugh Jackman.

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The problem arose when movies left out other characters for Wolverine or included him just to include him. His brief appearance in X-Men: First Class was considered hilarious. A long forced streak breaking continuity to get him in apocalypse was not. Some movies felt like solo Wolverine movies even when they included other characters, such as The last Stand.

2 New Mutants Ended The Franchise On A Low Note

Considered Fans dark phoenix a bad way to end the alternate timeline and end the story of the franchise’s central characters. However, they still held out hope that the franchise would end on a high. The New Mutants was the last film released for the franchise. It told an original new story, had horror elements, and featured names like Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy.

It proved to be one of the least successful films in the franchise. Critics and fans criticized it for being generic and devoid of any tension, and for lacking any memorable moments or characters. After the highs of several beloved movies, the franchise ended on a distinct whimper.

1 Consistent underuse of fan-favorite characters

Wolverine was adored in the X-Men movies. The same was true for Magneto, Professor X, and Mystique. Fans had no problem seeing these characters get a lot of attention. However, these characters tended to crowd out other equally beloved characters – a lingering complaint about the franchise’s underutilization of its best characters.

An early example was Cyclops, who rose from a prominent figure to x-men to a bit player in the rest of the franchise. Other examples include Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; one of the actors First class besides Xavier, Magneto and Mystique; and Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse.

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