10 incredible films where the hero’s mantle is put back on to revive a franchise

The cornerstone of every movie studio is its franchise catalog. The Big Five majors will end the year with 22 franchise film releases. With the fans and funds these film series are attracting, studios certainly have an incentive to produce prequels and sequels.

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Every franchise needs a star, but sometimes factors crop up that drive a wedge between an actor and a series of films. franchises like Black Panther, ask the main actors to bequeath their mantle to a protege or a new character to continue a legacy. Leaders avoid one actor’s mortality and hand over lead role duties to the next in an effort to keep a series’ success up and up.


men in black

The men in black The trilogy centers around the Defenders of the Galaxy taking out the scum of the universe. The spin-off, Men in Black: Internationalwas the first image in the franchise that did not feature the neuralyzing tag team of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Dubbed as the 13th highest-grossing comic book movie franchise, it’s been “dimes” why Sony Pictures wanted to extend the series after Smith’s departure. Men in Black 3 was planned to conclude the series, but after the studio renewed its license to print money with the 21 jump street movies, Sony wanted to kick the tires of their cop buddies movies and planned a men in black and 21 jump streetcrossing. Half of the crossover was pulled from development hell and Smith and Jones passed on their black sons to Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson for a standalone sequel in 2019.

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid the films were a staple of the 80s and featured Daniel LaRusso learning to defend himself under the tutelage of Mr. Miyagi. The initial trio of films are coming-of-age tales centered around LaRusso’s character while the final two images venture out to introduce new leads.

The Karate Kid’s the title doubles as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ralph Macchio aged out of the role and new blood was brought in to usher in a new story for the new decade. The Next Karate Kid replaced Daniel LaRusso’s character from Macchio with Hilary Swankin the role of Julie Pearce. The same tactic was used for the 2010 reboot starring Jaden Smith.


The first three Transformers the films pair the Autobots with an earthly group of misfits led by Sam Witwicky. The disguised robots battle the Decepticons to protect Earth from a similar apocalyptic fate suffered by the Transformers’ home planet of Cybertron.

The bankability of the property was tested on the day of the release of the third installment. The movie star, Shia Labeouf announced that Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon would be his last entry in the franchise. Mark Wahlberg and Hailee Steinfeld were cast as human protagonists in subsequent films.


Adonis, son of the late former world champion, Apollo Creed, is chasing the title in hopes of landing in his father’s footsteps. Adonis enlists the help of his father’s best friend, Rocky Balboa, to train him to become a heavyweight champion.

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Prior to Creed, the previous images focused on the character of Rocky. The casting call for the boxing-centric franchise favors a rugged young actor so when Sylvester Stallone aged out of the lead role, MGM sought a script that could reinvigorate the series. Michael B. Jordanit ischaracter is the focal point of the 7th installment and spin-off of the Rocky franchise.

The Dark Knight (2008)

The black Knight trilogy follows Christian Baleis Batman as he defends Gotham City against the League of Shadows and the Joker. After numerous injuries over the years, The Caped Crusader hands over the keys to the Batmobile to Detective John Blake.

Despite the trilogy featuring two of Christopher Nolanthe highest-grossing films of, Nolan was adamant about The dark knight rises being his last Batman movie. Warner Brothers had other plans and the impasse was settled with the latest footage in The dark knight rises it alluded to John Blake taking over the vigilante duties for Bruce Wayne. This kept the door open for Nolan’s universe to live on in future movies. Zack Snyderoriginal view of Steel man was to anchor the story in Nolan’s established universe with Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dawn of the Black Cloak as Batman.


Logan serves as an epilogue to the Wolverine story arc for the x-men franchise. During his swansong, Logan discovers that he has a biological daughter named Laura who shares his DNA as well as his animal mutant abilities.

For x-men fans, it has become a tradition to attend Hugh Jackman announce that he will retract his claws and step away from the role of Wolverine. The proactive producers behind the x-men franchise released Logan in hopes of Wolverine passing the baton to Laura for a spin-off series focusing on Wolverine’s offspring. After Disney bought Fox, production on the Laura spin-off stalled.

ghost hunters

The Ghostbusters protect New York from ghosts, ghosts and ghosts. The 1984 blockbuster made the Ghostbusters roster famous. Paranormal Exterminators LLC has revamped their roster adding new actors to continue the Ghostbusters role in a reboot and sequel film.

ghost huntersand ghost huntersII were two of the 10 highest-grossing comedies of the 80s. A sequel should have been a given, but the star of the series Bill Murray was reluctant to shoot the third film after his less than stellar experience on the sequel. With video games, cartoons, toys and apparel, Sony has chosen to cross revenue streams with more ghost hunters movies. The Proton Packs were passed down to a female-led cast for the 2016 reboot and afterward, the original team appeared in Ghostbusters – Afterlife pass the torch.

Captain America

The Man Out of Time leads the Avengers against Thanos and his minions in the MCU’s Infinity Saga. Captain America’s tour of duty ends when the 112-year-old soldier retires and offers his patriotic shield to his mentee Sam Wilson.

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Unlike the character he plays in the MCU, who “can do this all day,” Chris Evans hinted that he grew tired of playing the Super Soldier in 2014 and was eager to retire from acting to pursue directing when his initial six-movie contract expired. Poetically, Captain America departed into the sunset after his Falcon backfill agreed to replace the American hero. Captain America’s replacement is the star of the Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier and it will grace the big screen in Captain America: New World Order.

Black Panther

After the power struggle for the throne in Black PantherT’Challa was set to lead the hidden nation of Wakanda into the spotlight for the next Black Panther after. Tragedy struck when Chadwick Boseman suffered from stage III colon cancer. The late great actor will be sorely missed, but fans wondered how his absence would credit his role as Black Panther.

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Speculation is rife as trailers for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tease a mysterious character wearing the panther outfit. In the trailer, there’s what appears to be footage of a homecoming for T’Challa’s character. Kevin Feige said he thinks “it’s way too early” to recast the character, but the MCU bought time by allowing different characters to split up the chores in the Black Panther paraphernalia to allow the franchise to advance the story.

james bond

Agent 007 is the focal point of the james bond series and the British spy has a career that dates back to 1962. One of the earliest franchises has stood the test of time, rotating the main cast through 27 films.

After Sean Connery announced that he wanted to retire from the post after you only live twice, Eon Films built a revolving door of actors to carry the Agent 007 moniker. The opportunity cost of not recasting the role of James Bond was $2.03 billion. The tenth highest-grossing franchise of all time has benefited from each main cast’s lifespan as the ultimate spy.

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