10 things only comic book fans know about Wolverine


Making his Marvel Comics debut in 1974, the superhero known as Wolverine has gone on to become one of the most popular and beloved superheroes of all time. Its popularity increased further when 20th Century Fox released the first X Men (2000) and Australian actor Hugh Jackman brought the character to life and continued to do so for 17 years. However, as with any other book-to-movie adaptation, there are still some elements of the source material that fail to make it to screen.

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With so many sources to browse, fans of the X Men the movie franchise may not know things about the life of the mutant that comic book fans do. Some things about her are only known to comic book fans.

ten It is small

Wolverine, aka James “Logan” Howlett, is 6ft 3in in the movies. With Hugh Jackman’s tenure as a popular Marvel superhero, this is the image most fans of the film series are familiar with. In the comics, Logan is not the same height at all, where he is only 5 feet 3 inches tall.

His size is often the punchline of the series’ jokes; in Wild Wolverine # 2 (2013), they even have another character named Shanna who jokes that she thought he would be taller than this actor Hugh Jackman.

9 He fought in WWII with Captain America

Movie buffs know that Wolverine, over the course of his long life, fought in several wars over the centuries, which were overtaken in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

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However, only comic book fans may know that during WWII Wolverine served in the Canadian Air Force and fought alongside another hugely popular Marvel superhero, Captain America. The two teamed up on several occasions during the war.

8 He has a son


In 2017 Logan, fans of the film franchise have discovered Laura Kinney, aka X23, a superhero clone. They see Logan go from a man who just took the job for the money to a father figure for the daughter during the movie. In the comics, however, fans have known Wolverine as a father for years, both as a mentor to many of Xavier’s school mutants and as a full-fledged father, to Daken.

Daken, also known as Akihiro, was the son of Wolverine and his wife Itsu in 1946. Sadly, Itsu was murdered by the Winter Soldier while he was pregnant with Akihiro in an attempt to do so. take Wolverine out to bring him back to Madripoor. Another character by the name of Romulus cuts Daken off from his mother, and thanks to his healing powers, he survived. Logan’s relationship with Daken has always been a difficult one at best, and sadly, Logan ended up having to kill his own son.

7 He is afraid of water

Wolverine drowns in water in Marvel Comics

As long as Logan has lived for years, you wouldn’t expect him to have too many phobias; however, Wolverine actually has a fear, and that is water. Wolverine actually has a great reason for not wanting to go to the lake on the weekends, and that’s because drowning is one of the few things that can actually kill the superhero.

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The reason this can drown him is because of his adamantium-lined skeleton that will cause him to fall like a rock in any body of water. Not only does he sink, but his healing powers also fail when submerged, leaving him as vulnerable as any human underwater.

6 Not just an X-Men

X-Force with Warpath, Wolverine and X-23

In the movies, audiences never saw Wolverine as a member of the X-Men team in the comics; However, Logan has been on more than ten different superhero teams, including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Force. These three only touch the surface of the teams Wolverine has worked on.

It makes sense that he has such an impressive resume, given his seniority. Wolverine, however, always comes back to the X-Men, so it makes sense for the movie franchise to focus on the home team.

5 Logan’s sexuality

Wolverine Hercules kiss

While Logan’s sexuality was never confirmed in the main timeline, there is enough for comic book fans to speculate that Logan may in fact be bisexual. There was an issue with a Wolverine from a different reality who had a relationship with Hercules, sharing a kiss in an iconic panel.

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Although they never confirmed his gender identity, recently there was a panel where he shared a rather intimate embrace with Cyclops and Jean Gray, prompting fans to further speculate that he is bisexual.

4 Wolverine trained the black widow

Black Widow Talks With Wolverine Outside Of Marvel Comics Training

During the 1940s Wolverine formed Natasha Romanoff, who fans know as Black Widow. In the comics, Black Widow is given the Red Room equivalent of the Super Soldier serum, giving her the same longevity as Steve Rogers.

The two heroes met, and both of similar backgrounds cared for each other a lot. Wolverine trained the young Russian spy until Baron Strucker kidnapped him. They maintained a deep friendship, with Natasha even frequently calling Logan her “little uncle.”

3 Xavier brainwashed Logan

BD Professor X X-men Charles Xavier

The storyline used in the movies is that the Weapon X program erased Logan’s memory and turned him into a weapon. In the comics, there is another alarming storyline that may alarm moviegoers, which is that Professor Xavier was once the one who erased Logan’s mind. In X-Men Origins # 29, the Weapon X program had sent Wolverine to assassinate the professor. Xavier read his thoughts and saw what he was there to do.

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Xavier took some memories of Logan using his powers and implanted others to manipulate the Wolverine into becoming a member of the X-Men. Moviegoers may not know this about the Professor who is used to making questionable decisions about his team.

2 Wolverine can’t get drunk

Wolverine Comic

In the comics and in the movies, it’s a well-known fact that Wolverine is a fan of alcohol. What moviegoers may not know is that alcohol doesn’t affect Logan like others because of its healing factor.

Movie buffs may recognize that this is a problem similar to Captain America’s. Captain America: The First Avenger. So while Logan is known to drink his beer and whiskey, he could drink all day and not be disturbed by its negative effects.

1 Wolverine made his debut as a villain

Wolverine first appears in Hulk

It may come as a surprise to some moviegoers, but Wolverine hasn’t always been a superhero. In fact, in the comics, Wolverine made his debut in The Incredible Hulk # 181 in 1974. The Hulk fights in the forest against the Wendigo, and Wolverine comes out of nowhere and begins to attack the Hulk.

When Wolverine discovers that his claws won’t pierce his skin, he turns to the Wendigo and begins attacking him. Hulk and Wolverine end up teaming up to take down the beast. But comic book fans know his villainous status was short-lived.

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