10 Underrated Tom Cruise Movies You Probably Never Seen


Tom Cruise has become an action hero in recent years, and people watch his movies more for seeing him perform death-defying stunts than for his acting skills. Because of this, he’s one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing stars and every movie he touches turns to gold.

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However, if fans dig enough, they will be able to find gems that haven’t been as successful at the box office, but are still very entertaining. Not only that, but many of them show a dramatic side to Cruise’s game that hasn’t been prevalent since the 1990s.

Rock of the Ages (2012)

In the 2010s, musicals made a comeback. Movies like La La Land, the greatest showman, and A star is born all of them made over $ 400 million each. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Rock of ages, although it had all the qualities of a successful musical.

The movie had an ensemble cast, it had a catchy tune, it looked glamorous, and it starred Tom Cruise, but it bombed the box office. This is one of the actor’s most impressive roles to date, not because of any outrageous stunts or his acting performance, but because Tom Cruise learned to sing for the role and he ended up doing it. by being awesome.

Far and Far (1992)

Tom Cruise far and far

Tom Cruise is obviously best known for playing Ethan Hunt in the Impossible mission movies and featured in so many other huge action movies like the Jack Reach series and Edge of tomorrow. However, few fans, especially those who are younger, know how much of a dramatic actor the actor is too.

One of the best examples of this is in Far, one of two collaborations with his then wife, Nicole Kidman. The film is an epic romantic western in every way: it’s packed with sweeping desert views, has a score by John Williams, and period setting as it follows Irish immigrants in search of fortune in America. from the 1890s. It’s a film that never got the attention it deserved.

Legend (1985)

Tom Cruise always seems to carefully choose the directors he works with. Before Christopher McQuarrie ran the MID series of Rogue nation From now on, it is the actor who has played a big role in the choice of directors for the films. He also worked with Stanley Kubrick on Eyes wide closed, Ron Howard on Far, and many other renowned authors.

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However, on occasion, Cruise might have mistakenly embarked on a project with enough thought about the filmmaker rather than the material at hand. Science fiction author Ridley Scott directed Legend, and he came out of the one-two punch of Extraterrestrial and Blade runner. The film ended up being a slap-dash fantasy that was rich in tone, but which many critics said lacked depth. The sci-fi fantasy was Cruise’s first major box office mistake of his career.

All the Right Moves (1983)

All the right moves Tom Cruise

All the good initiatives introduces Cruise in another leading role early in his career. With sports films being so popular at the time, Cruise was quick to capitalize on them, as the 1983 film was an uplifting sports drama about American football.

The film was, in fact, a modest success, but few people knew about the film 38 years ago and even fewer know it now. The film was also overshadowed by another much more successful Cruise-led film released that same year, Risky business, which was a huge success.

Lions for Lambs (2007)

Lions for lambs Tom Cruise

While Cruise’s biggest box office movies tend to be huge action blockbusters, Lions for lambs is another great drama that showcases the actor’s incredible range. What’s more interesting is that it was released in 2007, which is long after Cruise’s drama peak in the 1990s, and the movie is the very last artifact of such a thing.

Lions for lambs not only stars Tom Cruise, but Robert Redford and Meryl Streep as well, and it’s a war drama much like Born July 4. So between the power of the star and the concept, it’s strange that so few people have seen it, even though it has been flayed by critics.

The Color of Money (1986)

Making a sequel is one of the things Martin Scorsese never did, but the only sequel he did turned out to be one of the coolest movies of the 1980s. The color of silver is a sequel to the 1961 film the scammer, and he follows a professional pool player pushing other players on the pool circuit.

It’s an underrated movie, and it’s a movie that even big Scorsese fans don’t talk about that often. But despite being a Tom Cruise vehicle, Paul Newman steals the show, and he exudes as much composure as he did 25 years earlier.

The Strangers (1983)

strangers c thomas howell tom cruise rob lowe

Based on the novel of the same name, The foreigners concerns teen gangs and is almost like a much more grounded alternative The Warriors. The foreigners was one of the very first films to show Cruise’s potential to become a movie star. In a film full of charismatic potential leads, including Rob Lowe, Matt Dillion and Patrick Swayze, Cruise was always the star of the film.

But the movie still wasn’t the biggest movie in the world, and for a film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, it grossly underperformed. However, this could be a movie that some people know even more than they want, as SE Hinton’s main novel is often taught in high school, which always comes with endless viewings of the film adaptation.

Vanilla Sky (2001)

Romance and sci-fi are a fascinating mix of genres, and it’s a surprise that this is rarely done. Movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Flawless Spirit and Vanilla Sky pull it so well. However, while the movie starring Cruise was a huge success when it was first released, it has since fallen into obscurity.

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Even the Spanish film it’s based on, Open your eyes, is more popular now. But the Hollywood remake is worth revisiting, because Cruise’s performance as the man who has it all, only to turn his life upside down, is so believable.

Magnolia (1999)

Magnolia is technically a Tom Cruise film, but his screen time is shared with an ensemble cast. The film is a three-hour melodramatic epic that has a multi-part narrative following several different characters with major issues, and it’s Cruise’s best film, according to IMDb.

Cruise plays Frank TJ Mackey, a motivational speaker and pickup artist. What’s amazing is that Frank’s role in Cruise features all of his acting methods rolled into one. The character is full of shameless bravado, he’s overly dramatic, and the actor even manages to sneak a little stunt by doing a flip on stage.

Valkyrie (2008)

Colonel von Strauffenberg wears an eye patch in Valkyrie

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise have a great working relationship. The writer-director has been behind the camera for the past two MID films and will also direct the following two films. But their first collaboration took place on Valkyrie.

Valkyrie concerns the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1944, and McQuarrie wrote the script for the film. The movie is impressively staged and it’s easy to get lost in the period setting as the costumes and sets are on another level.

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