10 Ways Logan Is The Best X-Men Movie Ever Made

fox x-men The franchise introduced the general public to many mutant characters that they will soon see incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as this latest franchise makes way for dozens of fan-favorite characters to join its ranks. Perhaps the most anticipated of these characters is James “Logan” Howlett, the Wolverine, who also received his own spin-off series under the Fox banner.

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Although not all of Hugh Jackman‘s spin-off films like Wolverine have been particularly well received, his swansong, Logan, is widely considered the best of this trilogy, even finding itself nominated for an Oscar. There’s no doubt that this character’s last appearance is the best movie ever. x-men franchise.



Logan Poster - Cropped

Logan is widely considered one of the best non-MCU Marvel movies, thanks in large part to the film’s superb script. Four screenwriters worked on the film: James Mangold, Scott Frank, Michael Green and David James Kelly. These four men thus played a major role in Loganis success.

As many movie industry fans may recall, Logan actually received an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. This proved to be a major testament to the film’s quality, especially since it’s rare for a comic book film to be nominated in any category other than special effects or costume design.


Viewers who entered Logan Cold might have been shocked by the movie’s radically different tone from any of the other installments in the x-men franchise. The film ditches the glitz and glamor of typical superhero films, adopting a dark, haunting tone instead, becoming one of the darkest and most realistic comic book films of all time.

While some may have found the grittier tone a little overkill at times, it’s hard to deny how effective its darker undertones can be throughout the movie. They are superheroes the likes of which we have rarely seen, and that makes Logan stand out in an incredibly saturated genre of content.

A weathered hero

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has always been a reluctant hero, but Logan up the ante on this trait, portraying a version of the character who doesn’t even carry the Wolverine title anymore, having effectively retired from the hero profession after losing too many friends along the way.

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This stark difference in Logan’s characterization works particularly well given Hugh Jackman’s long history as a mutant. After eight appearances as the character, Logan managed to make Jackman’s ninth film in the franchise feel distinct and new, showing off a version of his character that hadn’t been seen before.

The student who stayed

Wolverine and Professor X in Logan

Much of the front x-men the films revolved around the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, where mutants young and old were trained by Professor Charles Xavier to hone their abilities and use them for good. However, at the start of Loganthat school is gone and Logan himself is the only student left to care for the sick professor.

Although their dynamic is often bitter and filled with animosity, Logan and Xavier’s relationship comes full circle in this film, with Logan now able to care for the man who had given him so much in previous years. He may not have been the wisest student, but Logan proves to be the only one capable of giving back to his beloved teacher, looking after him until the end.

A fun villain

Logan Finale Trailer - Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce

Logan is also notable for giving audiences one of the x-men the franchise’s best one-shot villains in Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce. This antagonist pursues Logan, Laura, and Charles across the countryside, attempting to capture Wolverine’s young daughter for her employers.

Pierce is the rare X-Men villain who isn’t a mutant at all. Other than his cybernetic arm, the character has no superpowers to speak of and thus must rely on his wits and combat skills to get him through his struggles. While Donald Pierce isn’t the villain responsible, he’s certainly this film’s most memorable antagonist.

The next generation

Logan - Laura aka.  X-23 (Dafne Keen)

There are hundreds of mutants to draw from in the X-Men comics, which has often proven frustrating for fans of Fox’s franchise, who lament that the company only ever seems to focus on the X-Men comics. same mutants over and over again. Logan attempts to reverse the trend by introducing Laura, Logan’s daughter, played by Dafne Keen.

It’s clear from the end of this film that Laura was destined to replace Wolverine after his death. Comic book fans will know the character is known as X-23, possessing the same powers as his father. Unfortunately for her, Laura’s storyline never continues beyond this film, thus failing X-23, as it has so many other mutants.


Logan Final Trailer - Dinner

A common criticism of many superhero movies is that there are generally very few consequences to the heroes’ actions. While it’s a trope that some franchises like the MCU and DCEU have tried to subvert, perhaps none do it better than Logan.

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One of the film’s most tragic scenes involves the slaughter of an innocent family after the villains track Logan, Charles, and Laura to their home as they spend the night. Audiences are thus reminded that tragedy can result from the neglect of their favorite heroes, as even Charles is killed in the ensuing massacre.

real loss

Logan Wolverine and Laura Bloody

Most fans knew getting into Logan that Sir Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier was unlikely to emerge alive from the events of the film. The powerful mutant is portrayed as old and weak by time LoganThe plot begins, foreshadowing his inevitable death at the end of the film’s second act.

While many superhero deaths in other films are undermined by peripheral knowledge that they will no doubt return at a later date, Xavier’s death seems final – a ceiling on a legacy that has spanned nearly twenty years. Although Stewart will reprise her role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for the MCU, the classic version of his character has yet to return – and perhaps should remain so.

berserker rage

Although not all mutants are done justice by Fox x-men franchise, few fans object to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. While this version of the character was praised by fans and critics alike, one thing was still missing: the berserker rage of the character’s comic history.

After eight movie appearances, it was starting to look like Berserker Rage of the Wolverine would never be suitable for live-action – until Logan. The film’s climax featured the main character injecting himself with a mutant hormone that unlocked a deeper, more primal aggression within him, allowing him to save Laura and the other young mutants fleeing the X-24 experiment.

A heroic death

Logan was marketed to fans as the final chapter in Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. As such, it seemed inevitable that the beloved character would meet his ultimate demise as the credits rolled. Although his death was not at all unexpected, the manner in which he died proved to be not only memorable, but incredibly heroic.

After spending the entire movie refusing to resurrect the hero that once dwelt within him, Logan finds himself desperate to save his daughter and her friends from converging enemy forces. Entering Berserker Rage, Logan manages to save the young mutants and Laura, only to die fighting a clone of himself. The mutant receives a hero’s burial, in which Laura moves the cross on his grave to make an “X”, thus putting his father and the X-Men franchise itself to rest.

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