10 ways Thor’s costume has changed over the years


It was as if DC were going after capes and therefore the majority of Marvel’s superheroes don’t wear them. Thor Odinson is one of the few Marvel superhero races to wear a quintessential cape. Other than Thor, only people like Doctor Strange and later Vision have capes, and the majority of Marvel’s heroes don’t display the typical superhero outfit. But it’s not just about capes and Thor.

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Born during the Silver Age of Comics, Thor the Asgardian God was first inked in 1962 and released a comic book, Journey Into Mystery. Since then, the God of Thunder has improved his style game. Sometimes he left us in awe and how and sometimes his fashion choices left us in awe. Considering that Thor Odinson belongs to the handsome lot of the Avengers, it’s worth retracing his fashion evolution over the years.

ten The original Thor (1962)

Thor's original costume in 1962

The very first Thor to be released was written by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber and designed by Jack Kirby. Thor got a tight blue and red suit with a flying red cape. He also got a winged helmet with circular patterns across the chest that were prominent until his last MCU outing, Avengers: Endgame.

The published version was not the first sketch of Thor drawn by Kirby. Initially he had a Viking-inspired costume with a beard in mind for DC but for Marvel he ditched the Viking version and stuck to the basics. Interestingly around the same time, in August 1962, Spider-Man also launched with the exact same color theme.

9 The Mighty Thor (1984)

the mighty thor's costume 1984

Walter Simonson’s Thor was by far one of the most successful series based on the Asgardian god that was well received by Marvel fans. While the character didn’t see any major changes in his costume, Thor definitely turned out to be bulkier in his appearances. A visible addition was the black knee pads.

In 1984, Walter’s Thor was on a mission to save Asgard from Surtur. Before chaos begins, the God of Thunder must stop Surtur from carrying out his plans. It was also the first time that the concept of “he who was worthy to lift the Mjolnir” was introduced.

8 Combat armor (1987)

Thor 987 Combat Armor Costume

Ditching his sleeveless suit and bare arms for once, Thor went for gold. It had more gold than the reds and blues. From head to toe, his fighting arm glistened and the costume truly looked like the one God would wear.

He also had an elaborate winged helmet in this one. Of course, it’s not just Loki who enjoys putting on a show, but the Asgardians, including Thor, love to be bold and make his presence felt. 100% gold battle armor speaks the language of Thor’s.

7 Destroyer Armor (1987)

Thor 987 Destroyer Armor Costume

The Destroyer is originally magically animated Asgardian armor. The Destroyer is still portrayed as Thor’s mighty fire-breathing adversary. In 1987, The Mighty Thor # 381 saw the Destroyer rise up against Thor again.

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In the series, Thor is presumed dead and the Destroyer tries to absorb his soul into his armor, but the superhero quickly reverses the process and takes control of the Destroyer, ultimately donning his armor. The Thor Destroyer can be seen with his winged helmet, red cape, and golden belt.

6 Thor the Viking (1988)

Thor the Viking 1988 costume

The very first live-action Thor was born in 1988. Eric Allan Kramer played the role of Thor on the small screen. It was a made-for-TV movie that was also meant to be followed by a Thor TV series. It never saw the light of day. What changed for TV Thor was the drastic makeover he underwent.

The appearance of the small screen has drifted more towards that of a Viking. Thor had on a faded suit with armor and fur on his shoulder. The colors that adorned Thor in his comedic appearances seem to have completely faded with his trademark cape.

5 Thor Crop Top (1996)

Thor Crop Top 1996 costume

Thor is by far the most beautiful Marvel superhero that can exist. Most of the credit goes to Chris Hemsworth, but the graphic version of Asgardian is also worth a look. But as all the greats get it wrong at least once, the spirit behind Thor # 502 also committed the sartorial sin of dressing the God of Thunder in a crop top!

Yeah! You read that right, Mike Deodato Jr. was heavily inspired by the 90s. Crop top, muscle, muscle and more muscle, leather shoulder pads and long braids. While men wearing a cropped top started in the ’80s when athletes started cutting their soccer jerseys to show off their chiseled abs, the trend also continued into the’ 90s thanks to Will’s 6-year stint. Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

4 Throg of Thunder (1986)

Transformation of Thor into Throg 1986

One of Thor’s strangest transformations was a frog known as the Throg. Mighty Thor # 364 saw Thor spend time as a frog to help save the true story frog, Puddlegulp. Thor’s frog transformation on Earth was all down to Loki, but Throg has proven to be one of the best characters that Marvel has ever created in Thor’s world.

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As Thor eventually returned to his original state, years later it was discovered that Puddlegulp could lift the mini Mjolnir form he found. Holding Odin’s famous dialogue true “Whoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy of it, will possess the power of Thor”, the amphibian became The Mighty Throg, the thunder frog.

3 Thunderclap (1993)

Thunderclap 996 Thor costume

If Thor was ever to rock, it was to be his makeover in 1993 when he played Thunderstrike on the show. Eric Masterson introduced The Mighty Thor as a normal human being in 1988. Gradually he merged with the hypothetical character and Thunderstrike was born.

The helmet was gone, Thor’s hair was tied back in a ponytail, and he had a high-necked sleeveless leather vest. Thor’s image was more humanized in this one, the godly gaze was much more appreciated.

2 Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Thor Ragnarok Avengers 2017

This MCU movie was everything a fashion designer could imagine for a dream project. From Sakaar’s golden outfit to Hela’s shiny black leather outfit to Thor. All of them had an incredible makeover and the result was 10/10. In Ragnarok, Thor comes out of a self-imposed exile in Asgard and because he left his beloved hammer at home, he fights with his new weapons.

Starting with her hair, which is now short and crisp, literally. His cloak can be seen tightening to one side rather than floating royally behind him. He also receives an eye patch after his sister Hela cuts his face off, forcing Thor to wear an eye socket, just like his father, King Odin.

1 Thor in Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Thor Avengers Endgame 2019

While the women still drooled over the well-toned abs flaunted by Chris Hemsworth, the brutal shock of watching him in a completely 180-degree change in appearance took some time to digest. An endless belly, unkempt hair, messy facial hair, and little self-esteem was all he had to offer.

Sulking after Thanos wreaked havoc, Thor not only gave up life, he surrendered to himself. Even when he was motivated enough to reunite with the group of Avengers in the final battle against Thanos, his big belly remained and Thor still fought like an Asgardian does.

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