1899 Cast: Where You Might Know Netflix’s Fantasy Drama Stars

There are an incredible number of recorded cases of missing boat and air travelers in the Bermuda Triangle – an area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico with a bizarre history that continues to fascinate connoisseurs of the paranormal. . Yet, have you ever imagined – if the bizarre stories surrounding it are true – how many people have disappeared into this legendary place without being recorded or remembered? Perhaps the diverse cast of characters from the new Netflix TV show,1899, could be seen as a fictional tribute to these forgotten souls.

From European duo Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese — the creators of Netflix’s hit German-language time travel sci-fi series, Dark — this new drama follows international passengers on a steamship heading for the United States. However, the discovery of a long-lost ship called the Prometheus prompts the ship to take a detour, leading to a series of unusual circumstances that have everyone on board wondering where they really are and, more importantly, , its safety. Before (or maybe after) we meet the lost souls in this eight-episode limited series, allow us to introduce you to the actors who play them in the 1899 cast – starting with the captain of our ship.

Andreas Pietschmann in 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Andreas Pietschmann (Eyk)

After performing “The Stranger” on DarkAndreas Piteschmann reunites with Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese to play Kerberos captain Eyk in Netflix 1899 cast. Other more recent Netflix exclusive projects featuring the German actor – who was also part of the international cast of the 2012 TV movie, Mary of Nazareth, like Jesus Christ – was the revenge thriller, Kitzand crime drama, The perfect motherin 2021.

Emily Beecham about 1899

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Emily BeechamMaura Franklin

As English medical student Maura, we have English actress Emily Beecham, who is no stranger to bizarre thrillers like 1899, having debuted in the zombie movie sequel, 28 weeks later in 2007. The In the Badlands the star’s most recent and notable acting credits include the Coen Brothers’ 2015 comedy Hello, Caesar! and her role in Disney’s Cruel interpreted as the poor mother of the main character, Catherine de Vil.

Aneurin Barnard in 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Aneurin BarnardDaniel

Daniel – whose presence on Kerberos arouses suspicion – is played by Aneurin Barnard, who has previously starred in a number of acclaimed period pieces, such as the 2016 miniseries War & Peace starring Lily James, as well as Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed war film, Dunkirk, the following year. The Welsh actor also appeared in the 2015 crime biopic, Legend, with Tom Hardy as the Kray Brothers, literary adaptations The goldfinch from 2019 and The personal story of David Copperfield in 2020, and season 6 of Netflix Peaky Blinders as Doctor Holford.

Miguel Bernardeau in 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Miguel Bernardeau (Angel)

Spanish aristocrat Ángel is played by Miguel Bernardeau – another established Netflix star, having played Guzmán Nunier in the dark coming-of-age drama, Elite. He also appeared in the HBO Max Spanish language drama, Everything else, and was chosen to direct the next Amazon Prime movie Zorro series.

José Pimentao in 1899

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Jose Pimentao (Ramiro)

Playing Ángel’s supposed brother – a priest named Ramiro – is José Pimentão, who is best known for the 2017 period romance, Al Berto, and her starring role in a drama that ran for 200 episodes over a two-year period, called Valor da Vida. The Portuguese actor also played a leading role in Teorias de Conspiração and several notable short films, such as Eva from 2019.

Fflyn Edwards in 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Fflyn Edwards (the boy)

As an anonymous, silent young passenger in Maura’s care, we have Fflyn Edwards, who made his debut just a few years ago as the star of the BBC serial adaptation of Jenny Nimmo’s fantasy novel , The snow spider. The young British actor then appeared in a 2021 short titled His Majesty and the Liz Evans biopic directed by Samantha Morton, save the cinemain 2022.

Mathilde Ollivier in Overlord

(Image credit: Paramount)

Mathilde Ollivier (Clemence)

Newly married Frenchwoman Clémence is played by rising French actress Mathilde Ollivier, who last starred in a period horror drama when she played Chloe in the WWII film ‘zombie’ in 2018, Suzerain. In 2020, she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone and Tom Everett Scott in the dysfunctional family comedy sister of the groomappeared in Hulu’s action-packed time loop comedy, boss level, with Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson in 2021, and produced the documentary The stuck woman.

Jonas Bloquet in The Nun

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Jonas BloquetLucien

As Clémence’s husband, Lucien, we have French actor Jonas Bloquet, who last starred in a period horror drama when he played Frenchie in 2018 Conspiracy Pouring of the universe, the nun. Earlier in his career, he starred alongside Kevin Costner and Hailee Steinfeld in the 2014 action thriller, 3 days to kill, and made an appearance in Luc Besson’s 2017 sci-fi adventure, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Clara Rosager on The Rain

(Image credit: Netflix)

Clara Rosager (Tove)

Pregnant Danish immigrant Tove on 1899 is actually Clara Rosager’s second major role in a Netflix original international sci-fi series, after playing Sarah in The rain, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic Denmark ravaged by a mysterious virus. Also in 2022, the actor and model – who also stars in the international drama directed by Patrick Dempsey Devils – appeared alongside Oscar winner Jared Leto in the Sony-produced vampiric Marvel movie, Morbus.

Lucas Lynggard Tonnesen about 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Lucas Lynggard Tonnesen (Krester)

At Clara Rosager’s The rain co-star, Lucas Lynggard Tønnesen, plays Tove’s younger brother, Krester, on 1899. Also in 2022, the young actor – whose first major role on a TV show was the adventurous fantasy, Tidsrejsen – starred in a more grounded Netflix exclusive series: the recent revival of the Danish political drama, Borgen.

Alexandre Willaume about 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Alexandre Willaume (Anker)

Tove and Krester’s father, Anker, is played by Jonas Bloquet’s companion Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets co-star, Alexandre Willaume, whose previous Netflix exclusive credits include the action-packed historical series, The Last Kingdomthe acclaimed family comedy-drama, Ritaand the supernatural mystery drama of 2020, Equinox. He is also known for the 2018s grave robber reboot with Amazon Prime’s Oscar winner Alicia Vikander The wheel of time interpreted as Thom Merrilin and the original 2022 Shudder horror film, Moloch.

Maria Erwolter in The Ritual

(Image credit: Netflix)

Maria Erwolter (Iben)

Anker’s devoutly religious wife, Iben, who dreams of establishing her own church with her family once they arrive in the United States, is played by Maria Erwolter, who is known for starring in one of America’s best films. netflix originals horror, The ritual from 2017. She made her acting debut in one of Mads Mikkelsen’s best films, in 2004 Pusher IIfrom writer and director Nicolas Winding Refn, and will next star in another Netflix-exclusive international series titled Copenhagen Cowboy.

Rosalie Craig about 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Rosalie Craig (Virginia)

As a single traveler and social butterfly Virginia, we have Rosalie Craig, who is best known for her award-winning performances in stage productions of The Light Princess in 2013 and, more recently, Companyin 2018. The English actor, who lent his voice to Sherlock Gnomesis also a Netflix staple, having appeared on Love sickin The Queen’s Bet cast, and in the 2022 miniseries, Anatomy of a Scandal.

Isabelle Wei about 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Isabelle Wei (Ling Yi)

As Ling Yi – a teenage girl who boards the Kerberos dressed as a Geisha – we have Isabella Wei. The Hong Kong-born actress makes her official screen debut in the 1899 cast.

Gabby Wong in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Gabby Wong (Yuk Je)

As a traveling companion and supposed servant of Ling Yi, Yuk Je, we have Gabby Wong, originally from Hong Kong, another 1899 cast member who made his debut as a theater performer, with productions by othello, among other classics. Some may recognize her from Amazon Prime’s exclusive limited crime thriller series, White Dragon, and she is also part of the star wars universe, appeared in 2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as a Gold Nine resistance pilot.

Maciej Musial in 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Maciej Musial (Olek)

As Olek, one of the young Kerberos coal cutters, we have Maciej Musial who, like his character, hails from Poland, where he began his acting career as a teenager. With curiosity, 1899 actually marks his second appearance on a Netflix TV show named after the year in which it is set, following the 2018 political miniseries, 1983, and also his third platform exclusive show after that and the witcher – the hit fantasy adventure series based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, on which he appears as Sir Lazlo.

Yann Gael about 1899

(Image credit: Netflix)

Yann Gael (Jerome)

Jérôme is a stowaway struggling to keep a low profile aboard the Kerberos played by Yann Gael. The French-Cameroonian actor’s previous Netflix original credits include an episode from the second season of the romantic comedy series filmed in Paris The connection plan, and half of the titular duo Sakho & Mangane – a criminal procedure based in Senegal with a unique supernatural touch. Those with a Shudder subscription can experience him as the lead in a Shudder-exclusive non-horror film called Salum.

Will those travelers from various parts of the world who are desperately looking for a fresh start in the United States be able to find the fresh start they yearn for? Will they be able to survive the strange and mind-blowing circumstances that haunt the Kerberos? Perhaps more importantly, will they be able to survive each other? See for yourself, if you haven’t already, and stream 1899 on Netflix (opens in a new tab) now.

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