Loan despite time limit

For most banks, a permanent employment contract is an important prerequisite for granting a loan to a customer. So the banks want to minimize their risk of arrears. A loan despite a time limit is usually only given by banks if the time of the loan repayment falls within the term of the employment contract or only slightly exceeds it. […]

Project types that can be financed with a payday loan

To enable many households to keep a balanced financial budget, more and more financial organizations are now offering loan offers, such as payday loans or loan pools. For many households, these loans are an alternative to make their projects easier. However, even if the payday loan of many benefits, not all projects are financeable by this type of credit. The […]

Loan for funeral or family member burial

  Loan for funeral or burial How much does a funeral or funeral cost? Dying in São Paulo or depending on the region of Brazil, the cost can start at R $ 250 and reach R $ 25 thousand according to the financial profile of the family of the deceased. In general, funeral directors are charged some services and products […]