27 androgynous baby names and meanings


Fortunately, it’s much easier than before to find neutral nursery clothes and decorations beyond the standard yellow, and gender-revealing parties seem to be losing popularity (and not just because they caused several fires). If you plan to raise your child in a neutral environment, you might want to consider an androgynous baby name.

Even if you like the idea of ​​pink or blue clothes or bows and baseball caps, a neutral name can bring peace of mind if you can’t find out your baby’s gender. If you like any of the names on this list, it will work whether you have a boy or a girl, and you’ll start your birth knowing you’re ready.

These gender-neutral names are a mix of common names you’ve heard before (like Alex and Cameron) as well as more unusual but interesting options, like Starling or Wynn. Celebrities are starting to go this route as well: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a daughter named Sunday, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a daughter named James, and Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy have a son named Bingham (Bing for short). Really, anything goes (well maybe not the choice of Grimes and Elon Musk, X AE A-XII). Read on for some favorites.



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Typically short for Charlotte, Charlice or Charles, Charlie can be a very cute and neutral name. It means “free man” and it has German origins.



Elliott is a stylish name with a ton of nicknames like Elle or Ellie. Elliott is currently number 31 on the ‘Most Popular Baby Names’ Baby Names List. You could also spell this as Eliot, which is reminiscent of the author and poet (who inspired the Broadway show, Cats!) TS Eliot.



Parker is sometimes considered a surname, but it’s also a pretty androgynous name. It means ‘park ranger’ and it’s perfect for your little one who loves swings and slides.



This name always reminds me of Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s a good alternative to the more common Emma or Emily, and it’s also less feminine, which makes it totally neutral. The name has an Old English meaning on ‘Emery’s son’ nose, but it fits a girl perfectly. Emery is also a similar name regardless of gender.



Quinn is very popular right now and you probably know at least one baby boy or girl by this name. Nonetheless, it is a soft and strong name of Irish origin and means “leader” or “intelligent”.



If you’re looking for a more traditional or common name, Alex is a strong and short androgynous name. Typically short for Alexander or Alexandra (although it could also be a nickname for Alexa or Alexis), this name, which means “men who defend” or “warrior”, is of Greek origin. It can also be spelled Alix.



I know two babies – a girl, a boy – with this cool, whimsical name. To me, it sounds like an adventurous child who will see the world. Atlas has roots in Greek mythology and it means “carrier of the heavens”.



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I love how short and sweet the name Kai is. It is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘sea,’ which may make it particularly suitable for your water sign baby (Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio).



You might be more familiar with a wren as a little bird (and rightly so, that’s what this English-origin name means), but it also makes a cute name. If you are unsure of the connotation of bird, you can opt for the spelling of Ren, which means water lily or lotus in Japanese.



It seems that after Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara named their son River, after Phoenix’s late brother, that name exploded. Eva Chen (director of fashion partnerships at Instagram who herself is a big follower of IG) has just given this name to her third child. It’s a calm name and I think Riv is very cute for short.



Another bird-inspired name, Starling has a bohemian feel. Plus, is there a cooler nickname than Star?



Alder is a beautiful name of English origin meaning ‘old’ and it is also a type of tree in the birch family. This name is ideal if you want something inspired by nature that isn’t always immediately seen as something botanical.



Frankie is a cheerful and fun name that is often short for Franklin, Frances or Francis. It has a wonderful meaning of “free” or “truthful”. Plus it reminds me of the delicious show, Grace & Frankie.



The name Jules has a melodic and strong quality. It might be a nickname for Julie or Julian, but it also stands on its own. It means “young” and is of French origin.



Personally, I like one-syllable names and Wynn is no exception. It is of Welsh origin and it means “blessed”. This name is easy to spell and pronounce but it is not very popular (at least not yet).



I once knew a girl named Andie and thought she was the coolest. Short for Andrea or Andrew, this androgynous name has a cuteness that passes well from childhood to adulthood. The name means “manly” (but again Andrea) and it is of Italian origin.



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I know several little kids who are called Bellamy, and the name is cute and sticks out of the tongue. It’s a French name meaning “good friend” (aw) and this one has endless nicknames including Bell, Bella or Amy.



It’s funny to me that Bill seems like a weird name for a girl, but add two letters at the end and it becomes the most cherished name (and of course, it’s reminiscent of Billie Holiday and Billie Eilish). Just as Billy is a diminutive of William, Billie comes from Wilhelmina.



Cameron or Cam is a neutral name that has been around for a long time. It’s a Scottish name meaning “crooked nose” and sometimes this one is spelled with an A instead of an O at the end. I think of Cameron Diaz every time I hear that name.



Because of Tom Sawyer, the name reminds me of an adventurous and daring kid. It is an English name which means “lumberjack”.



Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have a daughter named Lincoln and I always thought that was the cutest name. Presidential overtones aside, the name means ‘city by the pool’, which sounds ideal. The name of Bell and Shepard’s other daughter, Delta, also has an aquatic meaning (and is androgynous).



Noah is currently the most popular middle name for boys, according to Social Security Administration data (although I personally don’t know of any babies with the name Noah). It’s a very cute name for either gender, and it means “rest, rest” in Hebrew. One of Miley Cyrus’ sisters is called Noah.



Everett is often considered a surname, but it’s also a cute and preppy first name. Completely gender neutral, it is a German name meaning “brave boar”. Evie or Rett are cute nicknames for this one.



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I know adult men and women who are called Ari and strangely enough, I have never associated them with the same name. The name has origins in both the Hebrew and Scandinavian language meaning “lion, eagle” and it can sometimes be a short version of Ariel.



This name has cottagecore vibes and it is perfect for a boy or a girl. It means “prickly patch” and it has a botanical quality that’s a little less sweet than Rose or other nature-inspired names.



Of English and Scottish descent, Carson’s meaning is ‘son of the swamp dwellers’, but that doesn’t mean that isn’t an equally adorable name for a boy or girl.



Short and sweet, this name is perfectly androgynous (although for girls it is sometimes spelled Leigh). It is an English name which means “pasture” or “meadow” and it evokes a bucolic country scene.

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