5 movies that aren’t as good as you remember (& 5 that still hold up)

Nostalgia has the annoying habit of obscuring our minds; especially when it comes to remembering the things we loved when we were younger. Thinking back to a movie from our childhood often fills us with a warm and hazy feeling, but in many cases it can cloud our ability to look at things with an objective and critical eye.

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While there are many classic movies out there that have stood the test of time, sometimes it can be difficult to go back to a once-beloved movie to realize that it’s not as good as you might think it is. remember. The sinking feeling we get when we find ourselves disappointed with something we once held in such high regard can be overwhelming, but there are movies out there that are still just as good, if not better than what you remember.

ten Aren’t As Good: Back To The Future Part III Ends The Trilogy With A Whimper

Back to the Future poster, part III.

Surely nothing could go wrong with the cowboy and time travel. In what seemed like the biggest concept on Earth as a kid, reviewing the last entry in the iconic Back to the future frankness in the eyes of adults shows us the last gasps of a concept stretched far beyond its limits. While it certainly isn’t the worst movie ever made, Part III was such a big step back from the first two entries that it’s really frustrating.

Suffering from being part of a series that has two incredible and beloved entries; Part III will go down in history forever as a major disappointment for fans who travel back in time to rewatch this particular film.

9 Still Hold Up: Back To The Future Is As Perfect As You Remember It

Back to the future poster.

Widely regarded as an 80s movie classic, and rightly so, the original Back to the future still feels as fresh and vibrant as when it was first viewed. With brilliant cast, fantastic direction, and impeccable writing, these features blend together to provide audiences with an unforgettable cinematic experience. There is a reason why Back to the future is still appreciated to this day.

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There are few movies that manage to stay this captivating on subsequent viewings, but Back to the future continues to entertain and inspire even after countless covers. A true example of all those who work together at the top of their game.

8 Aren’t quite as good: Batman Forever feels confusing and dated

Batman Forever poster.

While it certainly isn’t the worst Batman movie of the 90s, Batman forever is in a strange position between the beloved Batman and Batman Returns and universally decried Batman and Robin. Batman forever looks weird and shocking.

Straddling the lower area between the darkness of the first two films and the over-the-top camp of its sequel, Batman forever doesn’t really know what he wants to be. Brilliant performance by Jim Carrey as The Riddler and spectacular set design aside; it’s not hard to see why the franchise was taken in a very different direction after the arrival of Christopher Nolan.

seven Still holding up: Employees continue to be hilarious and sharp

Clerks movie poster.

If there is one thing that is truly persistent and universal, it’s that working in retail can quickly destroy your will to live. What Kevin Smith’s debut film managed to do so perfectly is summed up that feeling and desperation of being stuck in a dead end job in your twenties, and mixing it up with some of the quickest and fastest dialogue. wittiest ever onscreen.

The exchanges between the characters of Clerk Still manages to shock audiences to this day and hasn’t lost any of its hilarious, off-balance effectiveness. With Clerk III around the corner, there’s never been a better time to rekindle your love for this cult classic.

6 Aren’t so good: Van Helsing is Schlock’s worst example of 2000s action

Van Helsing poster.

Van Helsing should have been the greatest love letter to classic Universal monster photos never made. Instead, it has become an over-the-top, over-long mess that commits the worst possible sin of an action movie; It’s boring. Despite the brilliant performances of Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale, Van Helsing manages to totally drop the ball with a premise that should have been impossible to spoil.

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The CGI has aged badly and leaves Van Helsing down, despite brilliant ideas and set pieces. It was such a great concept with unlimited potential, and it’s really sad that Van Helsing did not work.

5 Still Holds: Dawn Of The Dead Is Still The Best Zombie Movie Ever Made

Dawn of the dead cast.

George A. Romero’s seminal masterpiece continues to stand out from all the other zombie fictions that followed its release in 1978. Featuring a believable and likable cast of characters and a premise so enticing it was. stolen, ripped off, honored and referenced countless times, this is the culmination of a genre still going strong to this day.

Epic both in scope and duration, Dawn of the dead is the perfect Sunday afternoon movie. Revisiting this image is like reconnecting with an old friend. No matter how many times you watch Dawn of the dead, it always manages to make you gasp, squirm, clap and make your heart beat faster.

4 Aren’t As Good: Freddy Vs. Jason Is An Early 2000s Nu-Metal Nightmare

Freddy vs. Jason poster.

While not nearly as bad as the worst entries in either series, this mash-up of the Friday 13 and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises always manage to miss the mark and feel incredibly dated. Freddy vs. Jason left fans wondering how they could have spoiled such a brilliant and unique opportunity.

While seeing Freddy and Jason together in one movie was enough to satisfy most viewers, revisiting Freddy vs. Jason once the chandelier has worn off it leaves a lot to be desired. If the storytelling and disappointing fight scenes between the two titans of terror weren’t bad enough, the nu-metal soundtrack from the early 2000s makes it all feel like some kind of a horrific dream and feverish shopping centers.

3 Still stands: Raiders Of The Lost Ark is a masterclass in the adventure

Raiders of the lost ark poster.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ iconic, action-packed homage to the film soap operas of yesteryear still holds true as one of the pinnacles of action / adventure cinema. The Raiders of the Lost Ark is still beloved in screenwriting classes around the world because of its perfection in its seven-act structure, which serves as a bible on how to create a script that adheres to these time-tested conventions.

As exciting and fun as ever after the 100th viewing, Indiana Jones will go down in history forever as one of the iconic heroes of cinema, and The Raiders of the Lost Ark is the definitive example of why.

2 Aren’t As Good: Tomb Raider – Cradle of Life Ends Lara Croft

Tomb Raider - Cradle Of Life Poster.

After the resounding success of the original Grave robber movie, the franchise seemed unstoppable. Until his sequel arrives and details everything. Angelina Jolie was the perfect cast to step into history’s most iconic video game heroine, but the burden of the material she had to work with was too heavy for herself.

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Critics of the time claimed that Cradle of life was a better movie than its predecessor. They were wrong. Cradle of life is a curvy, boring movie that stumbles through a runtime that feels a lot longer than it is and only serves as a reminder of why the original was so fun.

1 Still Holds: The Exorcist is the greatest horror film of all time

The exorcist poster.

There’s a reason this Oscar-winning film is held in such high regard, and that’s because it’s so good. Truly terrifying, even to this day, the Exorcist has a sense of artistry that makes it pleasing to the eye, keeps it engaging and impossible to deflect even after countless views.

Sublime direction, unparalleled performances from every member of the cast, and a storyline as endlessly quotable as it is horrifying, this could be considered the best horror film of all time and the best film of all time.

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