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By Shola Adido Oladotun

February 22, 2022 | 8:30 am

How do you overcome popular childhood movies like High School Musical and Camp Rock that have given us melodious songs for decades? The truth is that we don’t. Instead, we’re looking for new films that will allow us to relive the magical musical moments these films provided. Musicals are a genre…

How can we on popular childhood movies like High School Musical and Camp Rock that gave us melodious songs last for decades? The truth is that we don’t. Instead, we are looking for new films that will allow us to relive the magical musical moments that these films provide.

Musicals are a genre in the film industry that is constantly evolving, extending its tentacles to other genres. We remember how the creators of the teenage mystery TV show, Riverdale, were able to incorporate the elements of song and dance into a few episodes. There was also an episode of the CW superhero series, The Flash, which had a crossover musical experience. The thing is, musicals are everything.

From amazing stories to singing and choreography, musical films are becoming a must for everyone. Join the moving musical train by watching at least one or all of the top five musical movies recommended below.

In the heights

Why should you watch this movie? Simply, the pool scene where the characters sing “96,000” will keep you rewatching the movie for days, if not weeks. Along with professional and intricate choreography, this film celebrates Hispanic culture and shows the importance of unity in a community. Also, it reflects the different personal journeys of relatable characters.

Born from the creative mind of Lin-Manuel Miranda, this film tells the story of the people of Washington Heights, focusing primarily on Usnavi, a shop owner who wishes to return to his parents’ homeland, the Dominican Republic. He is seen debating this decision and his relationship with the other residents, all of whom have dreams and aspirations.


Are you looking for a musical with a little funk and a lot of rap? Next, I present another brilliant piece by Lin-Manuel Miranda, titled Hamilton. While history lessons may seem boring, this film does a perfect job of teaching a very important historical moment in the best possible way. At over two hours in length, this movie is sure to keep you glued to your seat and at times have you clapping in appreciation for the effort that went into creating the masterpiece.

Originally a Broadway musical, the creators released a recording in 2020. The plot revolves around one of America’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton. It shows his humble beginnings, from arriving in New York to becoming a prominent figure in history.

The greatest showman

Hugh Jackman surprises us with an excellent performance of theater show stopper and singing in this film. He proves that while he can be a heartless, brutal wolverine, he can also transform into a warm and visionary PT Barnum, a man who hopes to change the world with his imagination.

It’s no surprise that the film won the best-selling album of 2018. With beautiful and popular hit songs like “This is Me”, “A Million Dreams” and “Never Enough”, the film creates a instant connection with viewers, sharing the message “It’s okay to stand out”.

In this film, we see a young boy called PT who embarks on a dream of impacting the world with his innovative and creative ideas. After making a splash, he faces the negativity and issues that come with fame.


” I had chills. They multiply…” words to explain how you might feel after watching this film. A list of musical movies cannot be organized without mentioning this classic and timeless movie called Grease.

The film, released in 1978, introduces us to Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, who met on a beach during the summer and fell in love. Thinking they would never see each other again, fate surprises them by having Sandy transfer to Danny’s school.

There’s a reason Grease continues to remain relevant. And no, it’s not because of the amazing hairstyles or the black leather Sandy wore at the end. But the fact that it’s the perfect romantic teen musical movie would have you saying, “Damn, I love John Travolta, the T-birds, and the pink ladies.”

The West Side Story

When the word “musical film” comes to mind, we immediately think of Les Misérables, “Funny Girl” and “West Side Story”. It’s no secret that Steven Spielberg is a genius, and all of his films are works of art, widely recognized around the world. This 2021 romantic musical film is no exception.

The film tells the story of star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria, who fall in love with each other despite their cultural differences and backgrounds. We see their love pitted against two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks.


This article is not complete with notable suggestions;

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Open yourself up to an opportunity to explore happiness through the sound of music. Hope you enjoyed reading this article? Until next time, stay musical!

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