6 cameos MCU that nobody saw coming

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is full of endless possibilities. Newbie ago over a decade with Iron Manit is unlikely that anyone could have predicted where we would be today. The infinity saga may have woven with beloved heroes and villains from many franchises, but fans are still caught off guard by guest appearances and cameos.

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Now that the multiverse is officially underway, debates over which big face to show up is still a topic of discussion for fans. Whether it’s an actor reprising a role from a previous Marvel movie, a twist on an established character, or just someone new, the MCU is keeping quiet.

JK Simmons – “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

fans of Spider Man were able to rejoice and cheer when J. Jonah Jameson made his surprise appearance at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. It’s all the more satisfying to see the wise and strong-mouthed editor of the Daily Bugle return, because he’s played by JK Simmonswho notably appropriated the role with by Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy.

Prior to the release of this sequel, speculation and theories about the MCU’s introduction into the multiverse were running wild. The arrival of Jake GyllenhaalMysterio only added fire to the fuel. However, nothing is set in stone until the mid-credits scene, which features J. Jonah Jameson broadcasting in New York with infamous distaste for Spider-Man. His presence confirms the start of Marvel knitting in the multiverse theory, leaving the door open for more familiar faces to re-enter the franchise.


Elon Musk – “Iron Man 2”

iron man 2 packed with action, easter eggs and surprise cameos – fans might even remember the future Marvel star Kate Mara have an altercation with Tony (Robert Downey Jr.). Another familiar face that meets the billionaire genius is Elon Muskwho is often compared to the real-life equivalent of Tony Stark.

It’s almost normal for Tony to have ties to well-known CEOs in hindsight. The duo appear to be on great terms, although Musk is only spotted in one scene. It’s a great way to showcase Tony’s philanthropic reach and a fun little nod to draw the real world into the MCU.

Kenneth Branagh – “Avengers: Infinity War”

Kenneth Branagh has an impressive career spanning over four decades! With Branagh, entertainment is almost a guarantee, including the times he works his magic behind the lens; the British actor and filmmaker delves into the MCU by directing the first chapter of Thor, the fourth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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His adventure with Marvel doesn’t end there, however. Nearly seven years later, Branagh returns to the superhero series, lending his voice to The Russo Brothers in 2018 Avengers: Infinity War. It’s brief, but fans can hear Branagh calling out the Asgardian distress signal at the very beginning of the film. It’s a nice finishing touch to include in the franchise. Branagh’s effort with Marvel begins with the mighty Norse God and (presumably) ends with the Norseman; we’ll just have to wait and see if the British actor and filmmaker makes another comeback.

Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neill – “Thor: Ragnarok”

the Thor the series takes a sheet of guardians of the galaxy and passes an ironic episode with Taika Waititi Thor: Ragnarok. Thor (Chris Hemsworth), with Hulk (Marc Ruffalo), is generally considered the muscle of the team; he can be blissfully ignorant yet hilarious. Like Hemsworth’s approach to the character Thor: Ragnarok seriously fun of itself.

A moment of unexpected hilarity comes from Matt Damon, Sam Neiland the true brother of Hemsworth, Luke Hemsworth. The trio of actors depicted on Asgard, featuring a performance Thor imitating life. While Damon and Neill play fictional accounts of Loki and Odin, the elder Hemsworth jumps into his brother’s skin. Damon is pretty much known for his cameos at this stage, and it is logical that Luke Hemsworth mixes with the main man, but it gives viewers a moment of slight disbelief. Their respective guest spots add to the comic tone of the third chapter.

Charlize Theron – “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

One of the MCU’s final theater clap moments is the debut of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Yet their introductions are arguably overshadowed by the appearance of another comic counterpart. There are several characters whose entries are managed to be kept as a total surprise until the moment demands it, and among the group is Charlize Theronit’s Clea.

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Clea is a powerful witch from the Dark Dimension; her mid-credits cameo kicks off her involvement with the MCU as she enlists Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). It already looks like Clea will be an integral part of future movies – comic book fans will remember her connection to Doctor Strange and what that could mean for her journey. Expectations are high for the upcoming additions to phase four, especially after Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Multiverse of Madness does its best to maintain its star roster and manages, for the most part, to tease only the voiceovers and artillery in the trailer.

Brad Pitt-‘Deadpool 2

Technically the dead Pool the movies aren’t officially part of the MCU (yet at least), but how many people actually saw this cameo coming? What begins as a humorous gag about an unseen ally turns into one of the most bizarre surprise appearances in Marvel history.

Given its lack of visual presence, The Vanisher’s screen time in Deadpool 2 is practically nonexistent. No one would ever have suspected that he would be represented by Hollywood royalty. The Vanisher joined Wade’s (Ryan Reynolds) Team X-Force to protect Russell (Julian Denison) from Cable’s (Josh Brolin) offensive. However, like the other members of X-Force bar Domino (Zazie Beetz), he is comically killed and his identity is revealed – played by none other than brad pitt. His appearance is literally a blink-and-miss moment, but it’s a highly memorable shot.

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