7 Amazing Andrew Garfield Movies To Watch If You Haven’t Already

An actor’s true caliber is tested when he gets to play roles of different genres, levels, and even different ages. Andrew Garfield was able to verify his moxie with various portrayals, not only in lead roles but also in supporting roles. From being a spider-bitten teenage neighborhood superhero to a playwright on one of Broadway’s biggest shows, Garfield has starred in a variety of roles that have deservedly earned him various awards and nominations. This year, his reach extended to “Time” as he was included in the list of the 100 most influential people.

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Since his early years, Garfield has come a long way. The actor began a stage career in London after taking lessons at a British drama school. He has gained attention for his many appearances in classical and modern plays. His recognition by British viewers led to his appearance in other television films. In 2008, he will receive a BAFTA for his performance in the TV movie Boy A. And that’s just the beginning.


‘The social network’

This 2010 David Finch the director gave Garfield his big, well-deserved break. Despite appearing in a supporting role, Garfield managed to capture the attention and interest of the audience for every shot he starred in. The film follows the Facebook giant Mark Zuckerberg caught up in a legal battle as Eduardo Severin and the Twins sue him on multiple counts.

Watch this film to discover Garfield’s incredible acting skills, his way of moving every scene and his passionate portrayal of the character. The social network also sparked various controversies which doubted the truth behind the sequence of events shown in the film.

’99 houses’

Garfield plays Dennis Nash in this 2014 film directed by Ramin Bahrani to combat real situations. Garfield’s portrayal of an honest and sincere family man who does his best to manage his family’s finances and who sheds tears and sweat to fight another day was striking and definitely touched the heart. public.

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99 houseshas caught the attention of many because of the brutal and frank history of the real estate industry profiting from the miseries of others. The empowering story proved relevant to many homeowners who were evicted after the Florida recession.

‘Hacksaw Ridge’

In his varied mix of characters, Garfield went on to star as a pacifist doctor in a World War II film – hacksaw crest. He was even nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars. The actual story explains how the character managed to become the first Medal of Honor recipient without ever firing a single shot due to his religious inclinations.

The film received six Oscar nominations in total, including Best Picture and Best Director for Mel Gibson. The film gives a very insightful view of a peace-loving army man who is shunned by his comrades but continues to earn respect and admiration for his selfless efforts.

‘To breathe’

A very powerful film, once again based on real events, To breathe is produced by Jonathan Cavendish and led by Andy Serkin. The film is based on the life of producer Cavendish’s father, who was diagnosed with polio at the age of 28, but went on to live a very fulfilling life. Garfield stars in this 2017 biographical drama.

The hard work and love between Robin and his wife in the film is inspiring. They did not hesitate in the face of the adversary and lived their lives with courage and vigor. It is advisable to keep a box of tissues handy when watching this movie, as you won’t be able to stop your tears. Nevertheless, you won’t be depressed, but rather elated after watching Garfield in To breathe.

‘The silence’

Featuring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driverit took Martin Scorsese 28 years to complete The silence, a film he was working on out of pure passion. In the film, Garfield and Driver play two young apostles who go to Japan in search of their absent mentor. Since Christianity had been banned in Japan, they had to endure immense hardship and hostility.

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It recently emerged amid debates over how to act that Garfield remains celibate and acts on an empty stomach most of the time to really grasp his characters’ issues. There is a historical basis in the film due to the setting and the timeline, but the story is not based on actual events.

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”

Garfield has recently starred in his movies. So it was a pleasure to see him immerse himself in a substantial supporting role in Tammy Faye’s eyes. He portrayed the conceited televangelist jim baker in a manner comparable to by Jessica Chastain representation of Tammy Faye Bakkerand he even managed to arouse public sympathy for a character that some might have considered a bad joke.

The film is based on the 2000 documentary of the same name. Although Chastain steals the show with his impeccable acting, Garfield sparks intrigue in every scene he enters.

‘Tick, tick… Boom!’

After a long drought, audiences finally got to see a jaw-dropping musical come to life on the big screen. Nothing less than brilliance was expected of Lin Manuel Miranda, and he deliciously delivered. With Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens and Alexandra Shipp in the lead roles, the film follows the life of a struggling playwright who goes on to write one of Broadway’s greatest shows – Rent Jonathan Larson.

The film depicts the protagonist’s ambition to run through time and his absolute need to do something definite before he turns 30. Garfield manages to wow audiences with his charm and tense emotions in this magical and musical feat.

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