8 post-credits scenes that went nowhere

Over the past decade, post-credit scenes have become a common feature of blockbuster movies, included to launch a sequel or spin-off. Audiences now know not to leave a film before the end of the credits if they don’t want to miss an exciting match about what’s to come.

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The MCU popularized the post-credits scene, with the Spider-Man: No Coming Home post-credits scenes tease the future of the multiverse, but that doesn’t mean every post-credit scene pays off. Some are teasing a new villain or an exciting new storyline only for the planned sequel to be scrapped, leaving fans frustrated at the thought of what could have been.

Ferris Bueller’s day off – What are you still doing here?

Ferris, Sloane and Cameron at Ferris Bueller's Day Off Art Gallery.

John Hughes‘Timeless classic was one of the first examples of a mainstream film featuring a post-credits scene. After watching Ferris (Matthew Broderick) dropped out of school to have the best day of his life (complete with a fancy car, a fancy meal, and an awesome musical number), the audience waited for the credits to be rewarded with one final joke.

The scene features Ferris at home in his dressing gown, surprised that the audience is still there. He tells them that the movie is over and they have to go home because there is nothing left for them to see. This scene was parodied a lot in the years that followed, with Mister Bean, dead Pool, and others put their own spin on the classic gag.


Justice League (Theatrical Version) – A League of Our Own

The public was not impressed by the theatrical version of Justice League, so it’s hardly surprising that the studio currently has no plans to move forward with a sequel. That being said, the post-credits scene dropped several intriguing concepts that fans would be interested in seeing (especially if Zack Snyder were to take the helm again).

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The post-credits scene introduces the audience to Deathstroke (Joe Manganiellolisten), a popular Batman and Teen Titans villain who has yet to be featured in a Batman movie. Deathstroke met Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), fresh out of prison, and Lex hints that he wants Deathstroke to join a team of villains he’s building. A team of heroes versus a team of villains, what’s not to love?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Even more Deadpool


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a film that does not go very well. Hugh Jackman is, as always, the perfect Wolverine. Still, the movie manages to get most of the other mutants completely wrong, including Gambit (taylor kitsch), Sabertooth (Liev Schreiber), and even Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds).

The post-credit scene shows the audience the decapitated head of Deadpool, who has been empowered by a group of mutants and also has his mouth sewn shut (because why would you want to hear Marvel’s funniest character?). A hand reaches out for the lead when Deadpool suddenly opens his eyes, showing the audience that he isn’t really dead. Of course, a sequel was never made due to the film’s poor reception, although it’s worth saying. the link with the video game is well worth the detour.

Battleship – 2 Battleships 2

Battleship Rihanna

Building on the success of the Transformers franchise, which soon to be followed by a brand new trilogy, Hasbro decided to try to launch another franchise based on a popular children’s toy. Despite assembling a stellar cast of talent, including Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Deckerand Rihanna, Battleship did not please the public or the critics.

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The studio had planned a sequel, however, as is evident from the film’s post-credits scene, which sees an asteroid crash into earth. A family rushes to investigate the strange occurrence but runs in the opposite direction when an alien hand comes out of the rock. Despite the failure of this film, a Monopoly-themed film is reportedly in the works with Kevin Hart starred.

daredevil – The baby from Bullseye’s back!

Image via 20th Century Fox

Given that he is currently playing the role of the Penguin in The Batman (and i had a great time doing it), this is the perfect time to come back to Colin Farrel previous foray into the world of comic book villainy, when he played Bullseye in daredevil. The movie played Ben Affleck in the lead role alongside Jennifer GarnierFarel and Michael Clarke Duncan but never captured the spirit and style of the comics.

The studio was counting on a sequel, however, as they included a post-credits scene of Bullseye badly injured in a hospital bed. He’s only got a few fingers unscathed, but he’s still able to kill a fly with a syringe, showing that he would have been back and better than ever in any potential sequel.

charlie’s angels – Cameos galore

Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott in Charlie's Angels
Picture via Sony

Writer/director Elizabeth Banks did a great job of bringing a somewhat dated franchise into modern times with his portrayal charlie’s angels. Featuring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scottand Ella Balinskait was a surprise to most that the film failed to attract an audience worthy of the talent on display.

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However, a sequel was clearly planned as the film featured an entertaining post-credits scene with cameos from household names such as Ronda Rousey, Hailee Steinfield, Lili Reinhartand Danica Patrick, to name a few. The cameo also showed that Elena now has her angel tattoo, showing that she is a full member of the agency.

Power Rangers – The Green Ranger is coming


Before each being a member of charlie’s angelsElizabeth Banks and Naomi Scott were fighting in Power Rangers, a disappointing big-screen adaptation of the hit TV series. Fans took issue with the film, including the odd pacing, clunky action scenes, and thin character development. However, the studio actually planned to do three sequels and included a post-credits scene to kick off the first of these upcoming installments.

In the scene, Tommy Oliver’s name is repeatedly called out during registration before the audience gets a glimpse of Tommy’s green jacket slung across his chair. Fans of the show will know that Tommy Oliver is the Green Ranger, and a sequel would have focused on his introduction to the team. Fear not, however, Power Rangers fans; Hasbro is moving forward with a new cinematic universe that is not connected to the 2017 version.

suicide squad – Waller knows who Batman is

Image via Warner Bros.

Director David Ayer was unhappy with the studio’s interference on his suicide squad movie, and it’s not hard to see why. The film feels odd and mismatched, as if two different films were merged together without much thought. Yet, as with all superhero properties, Warner Bros had planned a future for these characters, potentially involving Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) goes hand in hand with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck).

In the scene, the two characters meet in an empty restaurant where Waller asks for Bruce’s help in keeping the events of the film and Taskforce X hidden from the world. He agrees in exchange for information on all known metahumans to help him build his Justice League. Before leaving, however, Waller hints that she knows how Bruce spends his evenings, suggesting that she may have used this information to blackmail Bruce at some point in the future. Possibly to force him into the next Taskforce X mission, if Ayer had had another shot at the Franchise.

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