Actors Who Looked Nothing Like The Historical Figures They Played

Hollywood has made a number of biopics over the years. Where the actors had to play the role of a famous public figure or celebrity. Biopics of famous people and historical figures usually do well in cinemas. As the followers of these people love to come and watch the stories of the people they like. And most of the time, these movies about historical figures turn out really good.

Much of the weight of the success or failure of biopics rests with the actors. Some actors assume the character they play very well and become it completely. But there are times when the actors look nothing like the historical characters they play. And no amount of makeup or lighting can solve this problem.

Ray Liotta was nothing like Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams

Ray Liotta in Field of Dreams

The famous sports fantasy film, Field of Dreams, tells the story of a farmer who builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield. This field attracts the ghosts of famous baseball players. One of these legends included one of the famous historical figures, Joe Jackson. The role was played by Ray Liotta. But the actor looked nothing like Shoeless Joe Jackson. In fact, the actor got the wrong hand while playing the role. It was almost as if he knew nothing about the character he was playing. Joe Jackson was reportedly banned from baseball for helping kick off the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. He was a left-handed hitter and a right-handed pitcher. But the actor did the exact opposite of that.

Michael Fassbender was unconvincing as Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs

Michael Fassbender playing historical figures in Steve Jobs
Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most inspiring historical figures. The founder of macintosh had his own style and his own fashion. The Steve Jobs movie is based on the biography of the man, written by Walter Isaacson. Directed by Danny Boyle, Michael Fassbender was cast as the iconic man. But he was nothing like him. In fact, the role wasn’t even his. Before Danny Boyle, David Fincher was to direct the film. And Christian Bale was supposed to play the lead role. But for some reason this did not happen. However, Michael Fassbender’s game is amazing, his looks aren’t good enough. And we wonder how well Christian Bale would have done.

Gary Cooper Wasn’t Even Close To Lou Gehrig In The Pride Of The Yankees

Gary Copper in The Pride of the Yankees playing historical figures
Gary Cooper in Yankees Pride

The Pride of the Yankees is a film made in tribute to the New York Yankees’ first baseman, Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig is one of the famous historical figures in sports history. He died a year before the film was released from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is known as Lou Gehrig’s disease in layman’s language. Actor Gary Cooper was cast in the role. And even if he was the legend of the silver screen. But not worthy of the role of Lou Gehrig. After all, he looked nothing like the legend. And even his role as a baseball player wasn’t even good. The story of the film was good but the casting of the legendary gamer could have been better.

Julia Roberts Wasn’t Best Fit as Erin Brockovich in Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich playing historical figures
Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich

The 2000 legal drama Erin Brockovich is a biopic about the activist. Erin Brockovich has fought a legal battle against energy company Pacific Gas and Electric Company. This was a case against the company responsible for the groundwater contamination. The actress was cast in the role. And so she put in an incredible performance. She played the role so well that she won the award for Best Female in a Leading Role. But when it comes to drawing the resemblance between the actress and the historical figure she embodied. There are not any. People who recognized the activist could easily say that the actress was not the most suitable choice for the role.

Hugh Jackman didn’t look like PT Barnum in The Great Showman

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Hugh Jackman in The Great Showman

When it comes to biopics, filmmakers sometimes end up focusing on the actor’s popularity instead of how similar he is to the role he’s playing. And Hugh Jackman playing PT Barnum in his biography is an example of that. PT Barnum was a great entertainer and showman who created the Barnum & Bailey Circus. His journey was shown through the film The Great Showman directed by Michael Gracey. The film had an incredible cast and became one of the highest-grossing live-action musicals. But casting Hugh Jackman to play the iconic showman was a bit unusual. And maybe it was also done because the popular star could sing too. But did PT Barnum really sing, or was it just for the movie?

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