And if… ? : Everything we know about Party Thor

The animated show What if…?, featured alternate outcomes of significant events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and gave the talent playing the characters the chance to take a fresh look at what could have become formula. No hero has stumbled out of the gate more than Thor, as the God of Thunder experienced a seismic change of tone thanks to his third outing, Thor: Ragnarok.

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Given this propensity for reinvention, the creators of What if…? Thor also used Thor in one of their main storylines in the first season: the episode, titled “What If…Thor Was an Only Child?” an Odinson. The impact on Thor’s development as a character is significant and makes him a more careless version of the Avenger. Plenty of dialogue and visual clues hint at the past, present, and inevitable future of this alternate Thor as the threat of Infinity Ultron looms over the realities of the multiverse.

ten Chris Hemsworth returned to voice it

chris hemsworth as thor

The star behind Avenger’s strongest portrayal is Chris Hemsworth, who has built an impressive resume of notable films outside of the MCU. This apparent flood of work doesn’t stop Hemsworth from returning to voice Thor for the events of What if…? The actor, who has become increasingly popular for his comedic savvy, sure enjoyed his character’s soft reboot. Playing the same person for most of their career can be exhausting, but comic book protagonists offer seemingly endless opportunities to explore hitherto untouched territory. Hemsworth didn’t miss the opportunity, demonstrating his enthusiasm for the project with each line delivered.

9 He grew up an only child

odin returns loki to the frost giants in what if

The main idea behind the episode is that Thor grows up as an only child: the MCU portrays the God of Thunder as Loki’s adopted brother, whose true heritage lies with that of the Frost Giants. Long ago, Odin had decided to raise the child Loki after finding him abandoned by his people.

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The Reality of Thor What if…? The episode imagines the King of Asgard returning the child to Laufey, the leader of the Frost Giants and Loki’s biological father. While Thor and Loki’s relationship remains brotherly, his brother’s absence during his formative years has resulted in a more carefree Thor.

8 He threw a party that destroyed a planet

thor party with ayesha in what if

Thor’s party antics are immediately apparent during the episode’s opening moments: he, along with the Warriors Three, descends to Earth to throw a huge party. This reckless atmosphere is interrupted by the arrival of Jane Foster, who mentions that Thor actually destroyed a planet thanks to a party he threw in the past. While the God of Thunder argues it was actually more of a meteor, the fact remains: the party that follows this Thor around his reality is no harmless fun. This past event even informs Captain Marvel’s confrontation with Thor, given the latter’s destructive potential and presence on Earth.

seven He knows some of the Guardians of the Galaxy

what if drax and rocket raccoon

Present at Thor’s big party on Earth are some familiar faces from the MCU’s past. Besides the aforementioned Loki and Jane Foster, the appearances of Nebula, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon imply that the God of Thunder has had some run-ins with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Or, at least, the members that make up the team in the main MCU timeline. Drax’s story included a remix in an earlier episode where his family was never killed by Thanos; we do not know how many guardians of the galaxy movies have happened in this alternate reality and thus, it’s impossible to know if the titular team even exists.

6 He is close to Loki

Loki’s history has been altered, but his brotherhood with Thor remains the same across the various realities of the Multiverse. Although they never grew up together, Thor and Loki have a close bond shown by their interactions in this episode. The two boast a less intense banter this time around, thanks in large part to the tension of the throne of Asgard absent from their dynamic. Thanks to the truce between Asgard and the Frost Giants, the two continuing to grow closer over the years is certainly plausible. The circumstances surrounding Loki and his new appearance are worthy of an entire episode on their own.

5 He fought Captain Marvel on several continents

what if captain marvel vs thor

Captain Marvel is a formidable force in the MCU, especially when it comes to the various mythological deities and divine beings that inhabit it. A potential rivalry was briefly teased in Avengers: Endgamebut the creators of What if…? embraced the idea by casting Marvel as the hero to curb Thor’s party.

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The battle is epic and hilarious, not to mention that both fighters are blasted from France to the UK and from North America to Australia. The whole world is a battle zone with these two brawls, illuminating why the Thunder God’s intense fratboy life is such a concern for the natives of Midgard.

4 He “repaired” the Leaning Tower of Pisa

and if the leaning tower of pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, located in the Italian city of Pisa, is famous for its almost 4 degree tilt which gives it its name. The result of an unstable foundation, the tower was completed in 1372 after 199 years. The final act of What if…? the episode not only features a cameo by the landmark, but a visual gag that references his rather precarious situation. Thor, in a quick effort to clean up the mess his antics have left behind, “fixes” the Leaning Tower by pushing it up. A clever nod to the extravagant nature of the tower as well as Thor’s hilarious brashness when it comes to atoning for his mistakes.

3 He is dating Jane Foster

Often in the Multiverse, the force of true love continues to bind characters destined to be together. It seems that one of these couples is Thor and Jane Foster; the two flirt and end up dating during the episode. Their date is seemingly cut short when Infinity Ultron arrives on the scene near the end, but it’s more than likely that Party Thor will return to Jane at some point in his journey. Thor’s story structure remains somewhat intact with the inclusion of this detail, as well as his previously stated close connection to Loki. The God of Thunder even gets a tattoo commemorating Jane’s profession.

2 He loves Vegas

What if...Thor

“Long live Las Vegas!” lets out Thor’s battle cry as he faces Infinity Ultron for the first time; this alludes to the god’s affinity for the city. Not to mention that almost all of its What if…? the episode has him partying on the Vegas Strip.

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His love of the city is understandable given its perennial festive atmosphere amid the many material goods offered there. Overall, Disney should be commended for including even the slightest reference to the town, with the company’s family image running counter to Party Thor’s morals.

1 He defeated Infinity Ultron alongside the Guardians of the Multiverse

guardians of the multiverse

Finally, with several other eminent heroes of What if…?In the first season of Party Thor, Party Thor fights alongside his fellow Guardians of the Multiverse to take on Infinity Ultron. Uatu the Watcher implores each of the heroes to participate in the campaign and Thor needs convincing. After initially trying to ignore the conflict, Thor takes up arms once it becomes clear he has no other choice. Plus, the promise of adventure and more minds to soak up is undoubtedly enough to tip the god over to the side of active heroism. It’s unclear where Party Thor goes from defeating Infinity Ultron, but the MCU has several multiversal opportunities to deploy this hedonistic god of thunder.

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