“And if… ?” Marvel’s finale introduces an all-new Avengers team



If it’s Wednesday, that means new Marvel MCU content could disappear from Disney Plus in the form of a new TV show episode. It turns out that this Wednesday delivers to the highly anticipated What if…? final. The first animated TV show Marvel has included in the MCU is finally over, and we know what it is. Marvel needed multiple episodes to build the story. We only learned in Episode 8 that everything we saw in the previous episodes is connected. The TV series had a bigger storyline than we thought, with Marvel recently teasing an unusual Avengers team.

The What if…? The finale is now out, revealing the name and purpose of this alternate Avengers team. We also got the first and only post-credits scene in the series. The ending leaves us with plenty of questions about the near future of the MCU. After all, What if…? is part of the MCU and everything is canon. Everything we saw in the finale happened in the same multiverse where our beloved Avengers exist. But before going any further, we remind you that spoilers follow below.

The New Avengers Team

The first steps in Phase 4 of the MCU are to uncover new stories and enrich the arcs for members of the Avengers team who didn’t have so much time to shine before. Marvel introduces new superheroes and villains while slowly pushing forward another storyline that could culminate in another Avengers: Endgame-as an end.

Part of the journey is the creation or introduction of new teams. The Avengers could have sub-teams like the Young Avengers and the West Coast Avengers. Separately, the Thunderbolts rise up and the Eternals will emerge from the shadows. Then there are the X-Men and the Fantastic Four hitting the road. There is also talk of the Illuminati, a version of which would appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

But until we can see it all in action, What if…? brings us a brilliant group of powerful individuals. The Watcher (Jefferey Wright) sets this group up, acting like a Nick Fury of the multiverse. And the way he snatches Party Thor (Chris Hemsworth) out of his universe is absolutely glorious.

The Watcher briefing the new Avengers team in What if…? final. Image Source: Marvel Studios

Meet the Guardians of the Multiverse

The Watcher also has a new name for the team, and it’s not an “Avengers” variant. They will be known as Guardians of the Multiverse, a title that carries a lot of weight. The implication here is that we could see these Guardians drop in other locations that need to be saved in the multiverse in the future. After all, the Observer has just broken his oath not to intervene.

This alternate Avengers team consists of Strange Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch), Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), Thor, Star-Lord T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Gamora (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams) and Black Widow (Lac Bell).

As seen above, not all of the actors who played the live-action variants of the characters have returned for What if…?. Also, as seen above, there is an Avenger choice that doesn’t make sense. It’s Killmonger, of course. But the finale perfectly explains why the Watcher wanted this particular hero / villain on the team.

The What if…? post-credits scene

We knew from that mid-season trailer that Avengers from different realities would sort of join the same team. We had no idea what would make this happen until Episode 8. That’s when we learned how much of a threat Ultron could become in these realities where he beats the Avengers. . Ultron would grow up to harness the power of all the Infinity Stones and use them to wipe out all life in his universe. The AI ​​would also realize that a multiverse exists and that the Observer is observing everything.

Episode 8 set up the finale perfectly, connecting all the seemingly loose stories from the previous one. What if…? installments.

This is how we get a massive Guardians of the Multiverse battle against Ultron in the finale. And how we realize that some of these alternate Avengers might have a place in the bigger scheme of things.

It is already said that Strange Supreme would appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Also important is the Natasha Romanoff of this story, which the Observer injects into a reality that lacks the original Black Widow. It’s a smart way for Marvel to tell us that the original Nat could always come back to the MCU despite herself End of Game death.

What if...?  The Avengers team
Guardians of the Multiverse in What if…? final. Image Source: Marvel Studios

What if…? the Carter-Rogers love story continues

But this is Captain Carter, whose return to the MCU seems assured. And it is thanks to What if…? post-credits scene, the season premiere. After defeating Ultron, we see Carter return to his timeline, only to find that his Steve Rogers might be alive. That is, the Carter-Rogers romance could continue in the multiverse. And that’s a story we’ll want to see.

Rumors say Captain Carter will appear in Live MCU Adventures. But it’s unclear how and if she’ll join the main Avengers. Interestingly, she could be part of the Illuminati team in Doctor Strange 2, but it could be a different variation of Captain Carter.

Then again, no matter what the MCU rumors say, we’ll have to remember that Marvel will keep saying What if…? stories. And Season 2 could very well feature some of the above Avengers.


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