Andrew Garfield explains why he plays so many religious figures


Storytellers often speak of raising the stakes, and for Garfield, part of the allure of revisiting spiritual territory seems to relate to this, as there is ultimately no greater stake than life and death. . He continued:

“For me, this is a very fertile ground which is infinitely interesting. Because if you are dealing with spirituality, if you are dealing with faith, then you are really dealing with life and death. more vital? question? “

In “Silence,” Garfield plays a Jesuit missionary to 17th-century Japan, and in “Hacksaw Ridge,” he plays a Seventh-day Adventist who becomes a WWII hero while serving as a physician. “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” sees him play televangelist Jim Bakker, who was convicted of fraud and jailed in the late 1980s.

These roles and his next one in “Under the Banner of Heaven” run through different time periods and focus on religious figures who are both upright and unscrupulous. However, they are united by Garfield’s recurring interest in issues of faith in cinema.

I don’t know Garfield’s religious belief or if he even has one, but in 2016 Amy Adams – who herself comes from a Mormon background – did an artist-to-artist interview with him for Variety, where they touched on some of the same questions as Collider. Discussing his year-long preparation for “Silence,” which included not only growing a beard but also guided spiritual meditation from Jesuit consultant Father James Martin, Garfield admitted that he had adopted the method developed. to feel himself a Christian:

“You imagine yourself in the life of Christ, enough that … I have a real relationship with Jesus … I say this with an awareness of the strangeness of it.”

Say whatever you like about religion, but that’s serious dedication for an actor.

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