As Nicole Kidman debuts a new hairstyle, here’s how to wear long hair at any age


If you are looking for length maintenance, Ricky informs you that on your next visit to the salon, a thorough consultation showing exactly how much will be cut is key. Keeping the haircut blunt at the ends will allow you to enjoy long, healthy hair without having to pull out a lot at once. Also, keep the layers longer and proportional to the length of the cut.

When caring for long hair at home, pay attention to the color. “UK water from our taps is your hair’s worst enemy and can fade and dry out even the toughest hair. HelloKlean, £ 60, is a clip-on water filter that takes all the hassle out of your taps and that makes hair softer and your color shines. “

A moisturizing shampoo for most colored long hair is also essential. Make sure the shampoo is nourishing and hydrating, this means that you will need to take a break from any fortifying shampoo as these can make the hair brittle over time. Then apply the conditioner and comb through the hair, try to let the conditioner penetrate over time before rinsing off. For long, very dry hair, towel dry your hair before applying conditioner as wet hair can dilute the product.

Style-wise, says Ricky, “waves and curls mean softness and fun. Don’t style the hair too much. Work with imperfections and don’t be too strict and structured. Think, more of Kate Moss and less of Kate Middleton. wand like Cloud Nine’s The Curling Wand, £ 119, wrap hair loosely around the wand and go to the end to get the desired boho wave. ”


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