Balenciaga and Adidas launch a new collection

In case you missed it, fashion giants Balenciaga and Adidas launched their Spring 2023 collections in May, taking over a section of the New York Stock Exchange’s trading floor for the presentation. Now the two brands have officially dropped the second part of their collaboration collection and it’s only a matter of time before the Parisian fashion brand and the German sportswear brand sell the t-shirts, baggy jeans and reinvented hourglass bags.

Balenciaga is in vogue. Counting megastars from Kim Kardashian to Nicole Kidman among its admirers, the designer label continues to surprise and captivate with its fashion-forward collections and collaborations, and this one is no exception.

In the setting of a New York skyscraper, the most influential and underground models on the planet were photographed by renowned photojournalist Joshua Bright. Staging “typical behavior in the office”, the campaign highlighted the juxtaposition between haute couture and sport-luxury, streetwear and corporate attire.

Influencer Mintuu Vesala | Source: Adidas

Harnessing elements of street style, the sport couture collection pays homage to the patterns and silhouettes of classic Adidas designs. Throughout the campaign, models are photographed performing office duties while wearing the collection’s oversized hoodies, baggy jeans and track pants, as well as puffer jackets and retro trainers.

The iconic Adidas logo features prominently on most apparel and accessories, with “Balenciaga” replacing “Adidas”. The collection includes shoes, bags and jewelry set in busy environments. Balenciaga’s iconic Hourglass bag is arguably the collection’s most striking reimagining, with three simple yet punchy strips of leather running down the center of the bag, providing an anchor point for its distinctive profile.

Source: Balenciaga

While the collection may look distinctly Adidas, Balenciaga’s high fashion touch brings high fashion prices with it. The collection’s small Hourglass handbag is priced at AUD4,500, the Baggy track pants will set you back AUD1,450 and the Adidas/Balenciaga oversized red t-shirt will set you back AUD1,050.

You can find the collection on the Adidas or Balenciaga website or shop in person at exclusive pop-ups in Bangkok, Dubai, Los Angeles, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Toronto from November 3, 2022.

Balenciaga Adidas Collaboration
Khadim model sock | Source: Adidas

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