Be a Beardo Not A Weirdo: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Cruise’s Beard Styles for Ultra Max Impact


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Beard styles are by far one of the hottest trends. The perfect beard style can enhance your whole look and turn you into a completely different person.

Beards have the ability to completely change your aesthetic and transform your entire look.

You don’t always have to go for a look with a long beard, what works for others or what is trendy might not be your style. There is a beard style for every man. Whether you are looking for a harsher look or a little more subtle, there is a beard style for you.

From the classic long beard to the French beard, there are several beard styles that you can try and experiment with. Each style will give you a new and different look. It’s as exciting as it sounds and by trying out some new styles you might land on your favorite bearded look.

Trying out a new style can seem difficult at first, but if something goes wrong we are all sure the hair will grow back in a week, so it’s well worth the risk and the time.

Nonetheless, if you are a little confused, we have some beard styles that can help you find your suitable style and you may also have some ideas.

Hollywood celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Cruise have styled various beard styles over the years. Without saying it, we all know these celebs killed off in every bearded look they went for, but of course not all looks were on the same scale.

Some beard styles really jumped out than others. Take a look at Chris Hemsworth and Tom Cruise beard styles and pick your favorite.

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