Best Meme and Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes 2022

Photo: AMC Theatres/YouTube

Celebrities and retail stores aren’t the only ones showing up for Halloween. With every spooky season, the strangers inevitably go viral for costumes that cleverly reference pop culture and/or memes. The internet is a hellish landscape, why not take advantage of it while we can? So far we have already seen everything from Nicole Kidman’s AMC Theaters ad at horror movie 2the skeleton scene. And since Halloween falls on a Monday in 2022, we wouldn’t be surprised if the costumes continue all week on TikTok and— Elon Musk consenting -Twitter. At any other time of the year, you might be envious of the peace of friends and family staying off social media, but right now you can enjoy costumes that make references they might not. to understand. It’s like a reward. Feast your eyes on the internet’s favorite Halloween costumes below and keep checking back as we update this post throughout the week.

For starters, we have Nicole Kidman in her best role (It’s so true).

We always thank the sweet baby Jesus – and the one who has grown too – for this Emmy win.

Nice of the skeleton to make an appearance!

We thought Lil Nas X was put an end to this.

Right answer!

Body-body-body this impression.

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