Brechin City’s Braveheart statue worse than Ronaldo’s? It’s just a matter of taste – Scottish commentary

Brechin City FC installed the so-called ‘Freedom’ sculpture – based on a likeness of Mel Gibson in the 1995 film Braveheart – at Glebe Park, Angus (Photo: Brechin City Football Club / SWNS)

“Absolutely fantastic,” one Twitter user said. If that had been the general reaction, the statue might have arrived relatively unnoticed.

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However, it’s probably fair to say that those who have expressed positive remarks about it have been somewhat eclipsed, if not in numbers, but in force of sentiment, by those who have taken the opposite direction. In particular, the wag which proclaimed that the sculpture “of Cristiano Ronaldo at the Madeira airport was overtaken in its horror by this statue of Braveheart”.

But then, social networks sometimes seem more fascinated by what they consider to be “bad” art, than by works that inspire us, move us or delight us.

There are many examples of eloquent and humorous denunciations of allegedly bad art, but when was the last time a magnificent painting or sculpture went viral? Maybe that says a lot about human nature or the effect of social media on us.

That being said, we’re all entitled to our opinion, so we’ll say, we don’t think the sculpture is good, but not as bad as Ronaldo’s.

However, despite all the mockery, Brechin City has every right to feel proud of his statue if he wants to.

A sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo at Madeira Airport has also drawn a number of criticisms (Photo: Octavio Passos / Getty Images)

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