Celebrities who love to drive a Toyota!


You might think of Toyota as a brand that makes basic, inexpensive cars for people who just want a mode of transportation. You might be right, but your favorite actor or musician might think otherwise. Yes, it might sound silly, but not all celebrities with a fortune own a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood actually drive cars you and I can afford. There is no precise reason for this strange love affair between Hollywood and Toyota. Some might circulate a 2021 Toyota Tacoma more discreetly or Toyota Tundra 2021 to curb their love for microphones. But there’s no denying that Toyota has had a cult following when it comes to wealthy celebrities.

Here are 11 very rich celebrities and Hollywood stars who drive a Toyota!

10. Danny DeVito and his Toyota Prius

Danny DeVito is certainly one of the most beloved actors and comedians. And it’s now more popular than ever because of its presence in Gen Z and Internet communities. Danny has a long history of owning green cars and he is one of the many Hollywood advocates who preach electric vehicles. He was one of the first names in Hollywood to pick up the General Motors EV1 in 1996. Currently, he rides in his Toyota Prius which has also become a source of Internet memes.

9. 50 Cent and his Toyota Land Cruiser

You might know Curtis Jackson, a rapper from Queens, NY, by his stage name 50 Cent. One of the greatest of all time in modern hip-hop. 50 began his career in the New York boroughs, rapping and dealing drugs for a living.

From those humble beginnings to getting Bugattis and Lamborghini to make an appearance in their music videos, 50 has seen it all. However, the most popular and used vehicle of the 1950s is its Toyota Land Cruiser. In fact, his first car was an 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser that 18-year-old 50 Cent drove to the candy store.

8. Mark Wahlberg and his Toyota Sienna

Easily one of the most famous A-listers, Mark Wahlberg is one of the most popular Hollywood success stories in history. Going from a white rapper Marky Mark to delivering many blockbusters in his day. He has a whole collection of cars, but he is often seen driving in a Toyota Sienna van. He says it is very practical and that there is enough space for his four children.

7. Christian Bale and his Toyota Tacoma

Christian Bale is one of Hollywood’s most prolific and versatile actors. He is best known for his role as billionaire chic Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. He can probably afford the cars Bruce Wayne drives, but he chose not to. He rides in an old Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. And it looks like he won’t be updating it anytime soon.

6. Sarah Hyland and her Toyota Corolla

It’s not all of the old Hollywood demographic riding a Toyota. Sarah Hyland, best known for her role in Modern Family, which helped her become a millionaire. Being the oldest daughter in the family, you might think she drives a family van or something, but in real life she drives a Toyota Corolla. Another very efficient and low-maintenance family car.

5. Ryan Gosling and his Toyota Prius

This popular Hollywood idol has a thing for the environment. He drives around in a Toyota Prius, getting 50 miles per gallon of fuel. He has completely given up on any other gas-guzzling vehicle and strictly prefers to travel in environmentally friendly vehicles. He seeks to reduce his carbon footprint and in doing so, encourage others to do the same.

4. Tom Hanks and his Toyota Scion Xb

This actor does not need to be introduced. Tom Hanks is one of the most loving actors of our generation and another internet celebrity. In 2007 he received one of the first 100% electric cars in existence. A $ 55,000 Toyota Scion XB. The boxy, quirky car suits his style perfectly and Tom Hanks is doing pretty well. He also owned a Prius which he recently auctioned off for charity.

3. Mel Gibson and his Toyota Cressida

Another prolific and somewhat controversial lead actor in Hollywood is Mel Gibson. It has renewed its image and is now in the good books of the industry and the public. His films have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars, but that doesn’t stop him from riding a sixth-generation Toyota Cressida. This Cressida was built between 1988 and 1992. It also has other rides, but this is the one that is most important to it. Gibson also owns a tiny Smart Car to get around town sometimes.

2. Kristen Stewart and her Toyota Tacoma

In the Twilight series fame, Kristen Stewart was one of the Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. With dozens of blockbuster movies to her credit, she chooses to drive around in an old Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. In addition, the van is not even a crew cab that can accommodate four people. It can only accommodate two people, including the driver inside its regular cabin.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio and his Toyota Prius

He is the leading voice in the fight against global warming and one of the industry’s most respected players. Leonardo DiCaprio and his love for the Toyota Prius is arguably the best-known car-actor relationship in history. He loves the Prius because it helps it make a statement against global warming by getting about 50 miles per gallon.

In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio’s love for Prius has encouraged several other A-Listers to ditch their premium cars for the little green Toyota. If we included every celebrity, this list would be dominated by the Toyota prius. The list includes Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom, Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Jeff Goldblum and many more.

While many newer celebrities seem to be turning to pure EVs and more luxurious offerings like the Tesla Model S. It is undeniable that the Toyota Prius, and its relationship with Hollywood, has had on the overall culture surrounding the electric. and the hybrid. Vehicles.

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