‘Chicken Run’ is coming soon to Disney+ (UK/Ireland) – What’s new on Disney Plus

Disney has announced that the hit animated film “Chicken Run” will arrive on Disney+ in the UK and Ireland on Friday July 15, 2022.

Trapped behind barbed wire, Ginger, Bunty and Fowler are chickens with a mission. They are determined to take a break for freedom, but each escape becomes “chicken” when they are caught by the evil Mrs. Tweedy who wants to turn them into pies. When an all-American rooster lands on the farm, Ginger sees his chance and together they prove the chicken is anything but, as they embark on a daring escape.

“Chicken Run” is directed by Nick Park and Peter Lord. It stars Mel Gibson, Phil Daniels and Julia Sawalha.

This film is added as part of a wider offering of British-made films that are being added to Disney+ in the UK and Ireland to help fulfill a quota, which requires that at least 30% of the content offered in a streaming service, is carried out within Europe. It also helps to stimulate interest from British and Irish viewers, who want to watch films and shows they can more easily relate to.

Are you looking forward to watching “Chicken Run” on Disney+?

Roger Palmier

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