Chris Hemsworth can’t use muscle as an excuse for disrespecting acting


Danny Hester is reacting to Chris Hemsworth’s claims not to be taken seriously as an actor because of his muscular physique.

Last month, Chris Hemsworth publicly stated that he was taken less seriously as an actor because of his impressive physique. Of course, there is no doubt that Hemsworth is beloved around the world for his roles in Hollywood – it seems here that he is talking about a more diverse and in-depth game beyond Hollywood action roles. He feels branded as the muscular action hero. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, professional bodybuilder and celebrity trainer Danny Hester reacts to Chris Hemsworth’s statements.

Danny Hester is not only an Olympic champion professional bodybuilder, he has also trained a select group of celebrities for their roles in major films. He trained Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler among other notable names. So we thought he was the perfect person to ask about Chris Hemsworth’s recent statements.

Chris Hemsworth has publicly stated that he is cataloged. He’s only considered a muscular action hero for Hollywood and isn’t offered more meaty acting roles. While being cataloged is certainly something that has happened to actors throughout the history of cinema – is it the muscle to blame? Or even more the real risks that the actor is ready to take?

Danny Hester thinks Chris Hemsworth’s statements are just an excuse. That’s not to say that Hester thinks Hemsworth is a bad actor. Far from there. He just believes Hemsworth made his career choices. He initially focused on action movies and hoped that this could be a platform to eventually step into more diverse roles. If that doesn’t happen now, it’s not the muscular physique to blame. It was his career path and his acting roles that he took on.

Danny Hester points to Sylvester Stallone. He has been nominated for several Oscars, among other awards. Yet in the pop culture space, he is known less as an incredible actor than for his action movies and muscular physique. Despite this, he won accolades and nominations for prestigious awards. For Danny Hester, this is proof that the film industry will recognize talent despite stereotypes.

Danny Hester also draws from his personal experience of celebrity training. He remembers training Mickey Rourke before his career was revived by his role in The Wrestler. Rourke was building up his muscles and his manager was worried. The reason? His manager believed that if Rourke continued to grow bigger and more muscular, he would have even more against him for being cast into serious roles.

Danny Hester pushed back and told Rourke’s manager that his obsession with fitness saves his life from other vices. Over a year later, Mickey Rourke was cast in The Wrestler. While it wasn’t just due to his new muscular physique, it did help. He was able to act seriously and fulfill the role required for the store. The film eventually won major awards in Rourke and got back on the map.

Ultimately, Danny Hester points out that luck and timing have a lot to do with success in the film industry. He thinks that one thing – like being too muscular – can’t be the only excuse for failure. Hester believes Chris Hemsworth still has a long way to go for more diverse and deeper roles. Maybe the time has not yet come. Either way, Danny Hester refuses to believe it’s because of his physique.

You can watch Danny Hester’s full comments on Chris Hemsworth and Muscle in Hollywood in our latest GI exclusive interview segment above.

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