Chris Hemsworth reportedly watched He-Man in Masters of the Universe movie



Hollywood is in desperate need of a Masters of the Universe rebooted the ground for nearly two decades, with a slew of writers and directors stuck with the project over the years, but none of them managed to push the film into production.

John Woo, Jon M. Chu, Jeff Wadlow and McG were just a few of the names who tried to bring the project to life, while various pitches, outlines, drafts and scripts were written by Evan Daugherty, Terry Rossio, Christopher Yost and David S. Goyer. For a while it was like Masters of the Universe could really happen, with Noah Centineo set to play He-Man for director brothers Adam and Aaron Nee, with a screenplay from Iron ManArt Marcum and Marcus Holloway.

A tentative March 2021 release date was even announced before development came to a halt again, and just a few weeks ago, Centineo dropped out of the lead role, sending Masters of the Universe Back to square one. It remains to be seen who will end up staring in the photo, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims Chris Hemsworth is looking to fill the big muscular void at the head of the cast, although the informant does not offer further details.

Of course, Hemsworth already kicked himself out of the race almost ten years ago after admitting that He-Man was basically just Thor in a different suit and he didn’t feel like being categorized, there is therefore no reason for his position to do so. changed a lot in the years that followed. Masters of the Universe would certainly benefit from a great, handsome, crooked and charismatic talent in the mold of the Extraction star, but it seems unlikely that it will end with the prototype.


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