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Tyler Rake is back and ready for some more action! Chris hemsworth kindly gave fans a preview of his comeback as a badass mercenary via his Instagram and today he posted two new photos on the set of Extraction 2. We know he’s really working on this one because the photos were taken against an icy, snowy backdrop, with the actor’s hair and face freshly dusted in one of the shots. In the foreground, we see Hemsworth as the life-saving hero, wearing an all-black, weather-appropriate outfit, slightly injured with fresh blood on his face. He stands at the side of a train and looks into the distance, at first glance, for something that may interfere with his journey.

Second pic gives us a behind-the-scenes look as Hemsworth poses with the returning director Sam hargrave. Still on the train, the two strike a pose and smile for the camera as snow falls on them, dotting their heavy black coats and Hargrave’s beard. It looks like the duo are having a great time filming the highly anticipated sequel, despite the freezing temperatures.

Extraction took Hemsworth and action-adventure fans by storm when he landed on Netflix in 2020. The film told the story of an Australian government special ops soldier turned mercenary named Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), who was hired by an Indian drug lord after his son, Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) Was kidnapped. Rake finds the boy, but it seems the whole world is now looking for the duo. As he races against the clock and all of his pursuers to bring the young man back safe and sound to his family, Rake must also face his own inner demons.


During their seemingly impossible mission, the two form a close bond that only strengthens Rake’s desire to keep Ovi safe and sound. The film ends on a cliffhanger as we see Rake suffer what appears to be a fatal gunshot wound to the neck in a shootout on a bridge before falling into the water below. We now know that Rake survived the bullet and is on his way home for more action in the sequel.

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While the plot for Extraction 2 is still under wraps, we can only imagine that it will focus on Rake taking on a new life-threatening mission and saving lives one door at a time. The film (as mentioned above) will again be edited by Hargrave, with Joe russo again serving as a writer. Otherwise, not much else is known about the sequel to one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

While we await more plot information, we can only hope that Hemsworth will continue to post production photos as the film progresses with our screens as the final stop. Check out the full Instagram post below:


Filming for Extraction 2 begins in Prague, says director Sam Hargrave

Snow can’t stop Tyler Rake.

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