Chris Hemsworth shares a major update

Every second counts in a Marvel movie. From a flashing Easter egg and you’ll miss it to a critical line of dialogue that will unlock history’s greatest mystery, fans are making the most of every minute of screen time the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to spare. to offer. So when a new MCU movie, like Thor: Love and Thunderis about to be released, part of the fandom talk is devoted to one crucial question: How long will the movie be?

Less than two months from the fourth Thor The movie is coming to theaters, many fans have started to speculate about the runtime of the movie. Marvel Studios has yet to confirm the film’s runtime. And the latest rumors and reports are starting to create more confusion, causing fans to fear that love and thunder could be more of a fast-paced adventure than a long, thrilling epic. But Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, might have settled the execution debate with a surprising update.

Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman as Valkyrie and Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder.marvel studios

Conflicting reports — Last week two reports came out suggesting two very different runtimes for Thor: Love and Thunder. Australian channel Event Cinema has listed the upcoming blockbuster as 115 Minutes on its website. If true, that would make the Thor sequel under two hours, which is rare for a Marvel movie – and a superhero movie in general. Still, it wouldn’t be the shortest Thor cinema, as The dark world clocks at 112 minutes.

However, the British cinema chain Cineworld released love and thunder like 140 minutes. A running time of two hours and 20 minutes is more in line with what fans expect from a Marvel movie. Still, as we haven’t received any official confirmation yet, it’s unclear if Taika Waititi’s new film will in fact be longer or shorter than two hours. That is until Chris Hemsworth steps in.

At “two full hours” – In addition to sharing the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer Tuesday, Chris Hemsworth posted a lengthy caption on Instagram, writing, “On July 8th we’ll be giving you two full hours of this beautiful madness.”

Fans immediately took note of the “full two hour” phrase, thinking Hemsworth was confirming that the film is two hours long – or at least Duration 120 minutes. If the Thor the actor responding to the rampant speculation about the execution is hard to say. While we can’t take this as an official announcement, it’s probably the most credible information fans have received so far regarding love and thunder Duration.

Christian Bale as Thor: Love and Thunder villain, Gorr the butcher god.marvel studios

the Reverse Analysis – If the latest trailer is any indication, Thor: Love and Thunder will be an epic movie with a bigger cast and incredibly high stakes. So it makes sense that fans would be worried if the movie takes place in less than two hours. How could that reasonably fit in with everything the movie should include? Jane Foster’s return, Guardians of the Galaxy appearances, Zeus’ MCU debut, Valkyrie’s new job, Christian Bale’s spooky Gorr the Butcher God, Thor’s supposed retirement, and more yet are set to happen on Waititi’s second outing for Marvel.

It’s safe to say that the MCU has managed to achieve a lot with its “shorter” movies, like the first strange doctor, which lasts 115 minutes. However, given what we know about the Thor sequel (and recalling how much the 130 minutes of Ragnarok is), it makes sense that the next film would be two hours (or more) of “beautiful madness”, as Chris Hemsworth puts it.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8, 2022.

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