Chris Hemsworth shares complete medicine ball workout

The founder of the fitness app “Centr”, Chris Hemsworth, posted on Instagram a medicine ball workout that will make you sweat just by looking at it. In the video above, a heavy-breathing Hemsworth demonstrates seven exercises called Centr Functional Slam Workout. Medicine balls help build core strength, so doing workouts like this regularly can help improve your balance, posture, and alignment. Get ready to feel your arms, abs, and thighs burning. As Hemsworth says in his Instagram post, “Get yourself a ball and a wall, and crack.”

If you want to train regularly with Hemsworth, check out his “Centr” app. Hemsworth participates in some of the workouts on the platform alongside the app’s trainers. The platform offers free 20-40 minute gear and equipment workouts in yoga, HIIT, boxing, strength, and more, along with meal plan ideas and meditations.

Chris Hemsworth’s medicine ball training

Directions: Do a full body warm-up, then perform each exercise in the chart below. Repeat the entire circuit four times. After the workout, do a full body cool down.

Exercise Representatives Sets
Right ball snap 5 1
Left ball snap 5 1
Center ball kick 5 1
Front squat 5 1
Alternating push-ups 5 on each side 1
Abdominals 5 1
Alternate Russian Twists 5 on each side 1

Image source: Courtesy of Centr

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