Chris Hemsworth shares new photos of his daughter India who looks just like him


“Here are two photos of me and my daughter,” Chris wrote alongside the photos in a touching caption.

“One was the first time she was on set 11 years ago, the other is the most recent on Thor: Love and Thunder. He’s my favorite superhero.

The photos show a clear and beautiful bond between Chris and his only daughter with wife Elsa Pataky, with the couple also sharing twins Sasha and Tristan.

Fans were won over by the post, as Chris and Elsa rarely share photos of their children online and usually keep their faces hidden when they do.



“This is the sweetest picture ever,” wrote one, another commenting, “So adorable. Loved seeing her in the movie, made the ending 100 times better .

Several also pointed out how much India looked like her father in the second photo, noting that even their facial expressions were nearly identical.

Although the girl definitely inherited some of her mother’s beautiful genes, fans have long considered India Chris’ mini-me.

Photos of her as a toddler through her final appearances prove just how much she resembles her dad, from her dark-lashed blue eyes to the same cheeky smile.



She also discovered her acting talent if her new role in Thor: Love and Thunder is something to pass on, with Chris revealing that it was actually India’s idea to appear in the film.

Not only that, he helped her film her audition tape for director Taika Waititi!

His sons also had cameos, but Chris said Good day DC: “I don’t want them to leave now and be child stars and actors.

“It was just a special experience that we all had and they loved it. They had a great time.

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Meanwhile, co-star Christian Bale said that Chris was an incredibly caring dad on set, accompanying India to every scene, even when he wasn’t needed.

“Chris was a wonderfully attentive dad, just off camera the whole time, just checking in on her, giving me the thumbs up, me giving it to her, checking in,” he said.

“It was really endearing to see them both. He kind of left her alone, and she did it herself.

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