Chris Hemsworth surprises KFC staff with massive food order


A team of employees at a KFC restaurant in New South Wales, Australia, were very surprised when Thor actor Chris Hemsworth visited the drive-thru for a large order of food. Hemsworth, who has played Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011, recently wrapped filming on the sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. He’s also gearing up to play the WWE Hulk Hogan Hall of Famer in an upcoming Netflix biopic.

Expanding his muscles to Hogan’s waist meant putting on a parcel more food in his body, as KFC employees recently learned firsthand. On an otherwise normal workday, Hemsworth drove through the drive-thru where he allegedly ordered 15 original chicken pieces, a full-size Singer combo, and four regular popcorn chicken meals for a total of 72, $ 25. Before leaving, Hemsworth took a photo with the KFC team who have since taken to social media.

It turns out that Hemsworth has a penchant for picking up big orders in public, often to the surprise of employees. According to LadBible, he visited Chargrill Charlie’s with his personal trainer Luke Zocchi a few months ago and allegedly bought a chicken roll, a whole barbecue chicken, medium fries and a large Rocket Man salad. Chargrill Charlie co-owner Ryan Sher then addressed Hemsworth’s spot at the restaurant in a statement.

“It was a pleasure to welcome Chris and Luke to our Woollahra store,” said Sher. “They were totally hassle-free, super nice and great with our staff, taking photos with the team. It definitely made our day.”

What has made Hemsworth so hungry these days is that he has worked extremely hard over the past few months to make his body bigger than it has ever been before. He shared various photos on Instagram of his workouts to reveal that his biceps are now pretty monstrous in size. Another photo of Hemsworth posted online when Thor: Love and Thunder wrapped had fans especially amazed at how much his muscles had grown.

Hemsworth is gearing up for a Hulkamania biopic for Netflix that will see him play the role of Hulk Hogan atop the pro wrestling legend. Joker Director Todd Phillips is on board directing the film, and his frequent collaborator Scott Silver is co-writing the screenplay with John Pollono. Bradley Cooper produces alongside Phillips. Hulk Hogan himself has also signed Hemsworth to play him, as the WWE Hall of Famer is even in awe of Hemsworth’s biceps.

“My brother has that Hogan pump on Jack, looks like he could slam brother Andre,” Hogan posted on Twitter with a picture of Hemsworth.

the Hulkamania the film does not yet have a release date set on Netflix. Meanwhile, Thor: Love and Thunder is slated for release on May 6, 2022. To learn more about Hemsworth, the actor recently voiced Throg in the Disney + series. Loki and will be the next star of the next sci-fi movie Escape Spiderhead with Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett. This news comes to us from LadBible.

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