Chris Hemsworth Thanks Fans For Thor’s MCU Journey In Heartfelt Message

Thor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth takes to Instagram to thank fans for supporting Thor’s journey through the MCU over the past decade.

With Thor: Love and Thunder now just around the corner, Chris Hemsworth is taking to Instagram to thank fans for supporting Thor’s MCU journey over the past decade. Set to finally hit theaters next week, Thor: Love and Thunder will see Hemsworth return for his fourth standalone appearance as the God of Thunder. The beloved hero is one of the most established characters in the MCU, having debuted in 2011 Thor. After receiving a warm introduction from the audience, Hemsworth would return for the 2013 sequel Thor: Dark World before a total redirection from director Taika Waititi introduced a whole new side to the character in 2017 Thor: Ragnarok.


Now, with Hemsworth and Waititi set to reunite again in the next Thor: Love and Thunderaudiences are gearing up for another colorful and whimsical adventure as Marvel continues to explore the character of Thor, with teasers for the film having glimpsed the hero experiencing something of a midlife crisis throughout the events of the film. Thor: Love and Thunder will see Tessa Thompson return as King Valkyrie while Waititi will also reprise her on-screen role as Korg. Alongside them, Natalie Portman will return as Jane Foster under the new alias, the Mighty Thor, with the group set to take on Christian Bale’s terrifying Gorr the Butcher God, who seeks to destroy all Gods in the universe.

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In a recent Instagram, Hemsworth took the time to thank fans for their unwavering support for Thor over the past decade, sharing a sweet video that serves as a little behind-the-scenes look at Thor: Love and Thunder accompanied by a handful of retrospective looks at the character. Hemsworth shared that he is both “humble and grateful“for those who have”show [him] that Thor is still worthyafter all these years. The actor was immediately greeted with an outpouring of love, with many also sharing their excitement for this upcoming Thor Payment. Check out Hemsworth’s sweet post below.

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Many felt that the teasing for Thor: Love and Thunder seem to set up the film as Thor’s final adventure in the MCU, however, Hemsworth’s Thor future remains largely unknown at this point. So far, Thor: Love and ThunderThe promotional campaign has resulted in a variety of teases from the star himself and Waititi, with the director revealing that there are a number of Thor stories he would like to explore in the future. , while Hemsworth expressed that he was eager to see how the public feels after the events of Thor: Love and Thunder. One thing is certain, however, as the couple recently shared that in the future, they would only like to do another Thor movie if they can do it together.

For the public, Hemsworth’s passion not only for his character, but also for the Thor the films as a whole have always been very clear, and this post only underscores his gratitude to those who echoed those sentiments. While the events of Thor: Love and Thunder will be kept under wraps until the film’s official release, it’s certainly heartwarming to see Hemsworth’s pride in how his character has become a much more accessible and lovable hero over the past decade. For now, it’s not long until audiences find out where Thor’s MCU journey will take him next when Thor: Love and Thunder finally lands in theaters.

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