Chris Pratt Shares His Love For Chris Hemsworth As Thor 4 Co-Star

Before Guardians of the Galaxy embark on their final adventure in the trio directed by James Gunn, Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill and the rest of his castmates will first return to help Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. The inclusion of the Guardians comes after Thor joined them in the Benatar following the events of Avengers: Endgame, with the upcoming film set to show what happened to the Thunder God’s new family.

love and thunderThe trailer for featured a good chunk of footage involving the Guardians, showing Thor not joining their missions as he seems to be leaning towards superhero retirement. At one point in the promotional footage, Quill gives Thor advice, saying he just needs to look into the eyes of the people he loves if he ever feels lost.


Based on this brief streak, it looks like Quill and Thor managed to form a solid bond after End of Game. Now, it looks like that friendship has blossomed behind the scenes as well, as evidenced in a new interview.

Pratt praises Chris Hemsworth


Marvel’s Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt sat down with SFX Magazine, via Gamesradar, to talk about his working relationship with Chris Hemsworth during Thor: Love and Thunder.

Pratt initially admitted that he enjoyed working with Hemsworth, pointing out that “He’s like Thor in real life:”


“I love being able to work with Chris Hemsworth. He’s like Thor in real life. He’s the nicest guy. Super funny. Work so hard. It was great. Loved every minute of shooting [Thor 4]. I’m so thankful they brought us with them.”

the guardians of the galaxy The main star also praised the film’s director, Taika Waititi, describing him as “scandalous” while saying that “her style is so unique:”

“It was great to see him bring this to Australia and shoot it there, with all his countrymen. And with director Taika Waititi, who is just outrageous. His style is so unique.”

In June 2021, Hemsworth shared a behind-the-scenes photo of himself with Pratt wearing their updated costumes for the film, indicating that they both had a great time on set of the film:

Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt

Pratt, alongside the rest of the Guardians (minus Gamora), is set to join Hemsworth in the upcoming MCU sequel in July.


The interesting MCU dynamic of Star-Lord and Thor

Pratt’s latest praise of Hemsworth echoes the sentiment of his former co-stars, and that consistency further reinforces that the MCU veteran is a solid teammate behind the scenes.

Although there are signs that the Guardians will likely play a limited role in Thor: Love and Thunderit’s reasonable to assume that the upcoming sequel will spend a lot of time explaining how Thor’s friendship with the rest of the Guardians evolved, especially with their leader Peter Quill.

During Avengers: Infinity War, Star-Lord and Chris Pratt’s Thor seemed not to get along. However, it seems that this partnership has since changed, with the two respecting each other as the love and thunder Turn around.


While the brief exchange between Thor and Star-Lord at the end of the trailer could imply that the former has feelings for the latter, it’s safe to say that it’s just Thor toying with the leader of the Guardians before their eventual separation (or he spent too much time with the too literal Drax the Destroyer).

Fans can see more Guardians of the Galaxy teaming up with the God of Thunder when Thor: Love and Thunder premieres in theaters July 8.

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