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Jokes, sarcasm and scriptures. The chosen one, the first-ever multiseason television series depicting the public ministry of Christ, accepted the challenge of bringing the life of Jesus into living rooms around the world. The show takes up passages and parables heard through the ages and completes them completely.

A number of us have been exposed to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through the Bible, the weekly celebration of Mass, and our Catholic religious education, but there are times when the truth of the dual humanity and divinity of Jesus can be difficult to understand. The way in which these somewhat contrasting natures exist simultaneously compels us in our humanity to seek a deeper understanding. However, the finite nature of human understanding requires us to go beyond its normal ability to better understand the role that the death of the Son of God two thousand years ago actually has to see in our daily lives. It is through the portrayal of Christ in the Gospels and the portrayals of his relationships and ministry that enable us to recognize the role Christ plays in our lives.

At some point you have probably had the opportunity to see artistic interpretations of the life of Christ in art, literature or film like that of Mel Gibson. The passion of Christ or timeless works of art like that of Caravaggio The call of St. Matthew. So often in the modern artistic adaptation of the Gospels, we are presented with illustrations that present only those crucial extracts with which many are so familiar, but what if we had the opportunity to see the meaning of the humor of Jesus in action or being able to resonate with the leper. advocacy for healing? It is the joy brought by the laughter that Jesus’ jokes bring at times like those following the healing of the leper. The restored man is offered a new tunic by the apostles when Jesus grants him the complement, “green is definitely your color”. It is The elected a glimpse of those little moments that allow us to participate in the daily life of Jesus that truly allows us to see and understand his life in vivid color.

What makes these works of art so complete and powerful is time. Whether it is the time it takes to create them or to absorb the details and gravity of their beauty, time allows us to understand their meaning. Dallas Jenkins, creator and director of The chosen one, embraced the adaptation of the life of Christ with this element of extra time. This allowed the production to examine the human relationships and interactions of Christ and his apostles. At a time so remote from the time of Jesus ‘incarnation, our inability to understand the circumstances and customs of the time can sometimes hamper our ability to understand the complexities of Jesus’ life and teachings. It is the intersection of the life of Christ and his apostles before the start of his ministry that allows us to see parallels between the struggles and frustrations we encounter in our own lives with the life of Christ and the apostles. It is through conversations and simple questions between Christ and his apostles that The chosen one “Allows the audience to grow and develop a relationship with Jesus” and become familiar with him in the pursuit of an understanding of his dual humanity and divinity.

The series opened the door for people to understand the emotions and humor that filled the life and ministry of Christ. Whether it’s developing an understanding of difficult struggles and human pain or human joy and laughter, The chosen one gave us a window into the life and ministry of Christ with a few kicks and laughs to the side. A truly divinely inspired project, The chosen one incorporates an understanding of the life of Christ in the context of the historical period in which he lived while remaining true to the role of Jesus as human and divine, with Jesus making a few jokes on the side to remind us to find joy that faith brings.

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