Crocodile Hunter The Movie: Here Are The Australian Stars Who Are Fighting To Play Steve Irwin


Terri and Bindi Irwin are appealing to Hollywood once again as a new biopic about the late Steve gains momentum in major studios.

According to movie insiders, a dramatized feature film planned on the original life of Wildlife Warrior is making the rounds, with big names like Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe in the mix to play Steve – but Woman’s day Terri Irwin, 56, is said to also throw lesser-known characters like Lincoln Lewis in the ring.

“There is no way this project can move forward without Terri and Bindi Irwin being involved every step of the way,” says a well-placed source.

“Steve’s international appeal, especially to Americans, cannot be ignored and this is not the first time that a project like this has been presented to them.”

“This time, however, any storyline that can be filmed Down Under is automatically at the top of the list right now – and Hollywood bosses love Steve’s life story. He was saving lizards when he was six. And while her story may have ended too soon, there is a real sense of closure now with the way Bindi and Bob have taken over her legacy. “

Bindi’s winning trick is activated Dancing with the stars 2015 was a time to remember for the family, but friends say the arrival of 22-year-old Grace gave them “a real sense of closure” in terms of losing Steve.

“Now is the time to honor Grace’s grandfather,” adds the insider.

“The family will want Australian actors for the film, which will pretty much tell the story of Steve’s life.”

“And the ending will include real footage of the family as they are now. It’s a project they’ve considered before, but now they’re finally ready to give it the green light.”

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