Daniel Craig Says “On My Corpse” To Make Hugh Jackman The New James Bond


Daniel Craig has revealed that Hugh Jackman is certainly not his first choice to replace him as he prepares for his final outing as James Bond in No Time To Die.

Daniel Craig has played the British super-spy since 2006, when his reign began with Casino Royale.

At the time, Hugh Jackman was the high-ranking contender for the role, but Daniel appointed him to the post.

But as Daniel prepares for the end of his Bond days, speculation about the role created by Ian Flemming is rife.

During Tuesday’s edition of Lorraine, a clip was shown of host Lorraine Kelly and Daniel comfortably discussing the upcoming Bond film.

Daniel Craig said he wouldn’t want Hugh Jackman to be the new Bond

The Scottish host asked the actor: ‘You know everyone is now wondering’ who will be next? ‘ Hugh Jackman told you to take advantage of it.

But Daniel interrupted the presenter to say, “He’s not going to do it.”

“On my corpse,” he said with a smirk.

Having heard that his name was up and running again, Hugh took to Twitter to share the clip to revel in the rumors.

Captioning the video, Jackman joked, “Well… that kills that rumor!”

He added: “Daniel, buddy, you will always be @ 007 to me. #Notimetodie. I’m IN. @Lorrainekellysmith.”

Hugh jackman
However, Hugh is very keen to get involved in the franchise.

The Greatest Showman actor has often openly expressed his desire to play Bond, even revealing that he has already been recruited as a potential replacement for Pierce Brosnan.

In an interview with the British Press Association in 2011, Hugh said: “I got a call from my agent saying, ‘There is possible interest in Bond, are you interested?'”

“At the time, I wasn’t. I was just about to shoot X-Men 2 and Wolverine had become that thing in my life and I didn’t want to make two such iconic characters at the same time.”

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Naomi embodies Bond’s alliance, Miss Moneypenny

As rumors start to circulate about who will be the next spy, Lorraine also posed this question to Naomi Harris who plays Miss Moneypenny in the new movie.

With Naomi alongside Tom Hardy in Venom, Lorraine is betting that Tom could be a good replacement.

However, Naomi rejected the idea and said she thought it would be someone more “up” and more to the left.

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