Disney +: first series and films in May 2021: Cruella, Star Wars La Remesa Mala


It may not be in volume every month like its American counterpart or like other VODs, but Disney + has been in Spain for a few months which does not stop, and after the classic Disney n ° 61 of Raya and the last dragon, The end of Wandavision, the premiere of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the return of We Are the Best, this May kicks off another one of those series that we saw at the last big Disney event that drew so many Warning: Star Wars the wrong lot.

With The Clone Wars already finished, Disney took advantage of the style to pull out of its sleeve a new animated series based on Star Wars and also with an interesting premise. Because Star Wars La Remesa Mala is inspired by The Mandalorian -the best thing that has happened to the Star Wars universe since the epic ending of Episode III? -, and introduces us to a group of mercenaries who operate on the margins of the nascent Empire – and the emerging rebels – just after the Clone Wars.

And already under the Disney wand, they are coming back The Simpsons season 32, which starts the engines on May 14 and will move on to the chapter by week. The series debuts Marvel: MODOK, based on the classic ’60s supervillain facing a midlife crisis, and we Rebel, inspired by the true story of Erin Brockovich -which led to a film with Julia Roberts winning the Oscar-, with Annie ‘Rebel’ Bello, an untitled but decisive and fun lawyer.

Now the mega premiere of the month has its own name: Cruella, because it is in May that the new live action film of the house is released in theaters and also on the Disney + channel, which does not (yet) adapt 101 Dalmatians but is inspired by one of its characters and finally the most iconic Disney villains: Cruella devil. In Cruella, we’ll see a prequel to the character’s youth in a movie that bets well on turning her into some sort of Harley Quinn Disneyana. A mean, but charming.

And for dessert Logan, Hugh Jackman‘s farewell to his iconic Wolverine and one of the best superhero films in the genre, dramatic, violent and absolutely twilight, with a sad and perfect ending. A wonder that even Deadpool 2 parody but out of respect.


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Star Wars: The Bad Remittance

7 mayonnaise

Father Made in USA

Season 19, seasons 1 to 3 and first of 4 in weekly format

14 mayonnaise

The Simpsons, season 32


High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, season 2

21 mayonnaise

Wonder: MODOK

Big sky

Criminal minds

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New girl


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Launching ramp



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Genius: Picasso

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