Do you have Argentinian parents? Jake Gyllenhaal is linked with a politician

From the cases that are framed in the “believe or break” comes an unusual connection that unites Jake gyllenhaal with an Argentinian character. The actor who was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and this year it became 2021 it became a trend due to the short Taylor Swift, Very good, it could have roots in Latin America. This is understood from a comparison which took place in Twitter.

Journalist Ramiro outeda shared in Twitter a photo in which the protagonist of Donnie Darko with a politician who lived until the late 1930s. It’s about Lisandro de la Torre, who was National Senator and in 1916 came to dispute the Presidency of the Nation which they dedicated to Hipólito Yrigoyen with more than 47% of the votes. De la Torre came in third with around 18%.

In the publication made in Twitter you can see Gyllenhaal with a beard and cut similar to that of the Argentine politician. Moreover, the profile of the two favors the similarity, as well as the decision to choose a black and white photograph. Nearly 300 users of the social network agree with the journalist’s position and the unusual finding that links two characters who, in any case, are linked.

Two Must-See Movies If You Like Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake gyllenhaal He is one of the most talented actors of his generation, who rarely goes wrong when it comes to choosing his roles. One only has to look at his resume to realize that almost all (or all) of the productions he has titled are great stories. The latest arrival was the guilty, which was created in Netflix in 2021 and focused on an officer performing the duties of a 911 operator and responding to a call that appears to be a kidnapping. 100% of the tension of this thriller (a redo of a Danish film) falls on the shoulders of Gyllenhaal who is in the frame all the time and is seen interacting with voices on the phone.

If what you are looking for is an older production of his career, you can see Prisoners, a movie of Denis Villeneuve. They are also involved in the production Hugh jackman Yes Paul Dano, and the story centers on the mysterious disappearance of two children which is being investigated by officer loki (Gyllenhaal) that after its brief progression, does the father of one of the children (Jackman) take action on the matter and decide to do justice with your own hand. You can watch the movie in Amazon Prime Video.

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