Doctor Strange 2 Designer Confirms Thor’s Brother’s Cut Appearance

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness featured the live-action debut of the Illuminati, but sadly the team suffered quick deaths at the hands of the Scarlet Witch. Despite this, fans were able to witness the MCU debuts of notable members, such as John Krasinski’s Reed Richards and Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier.

Although the Earth-838 Illuminati are a stacked set, a significant addition has almost made it into the lineup in the form of Balder the Brave. In the comics, Balder is Thor’s older half-brother and one of the bravest of all Asgardian warriors.

Daniel Craig has reportedly been tapped to play Balder the Brave in Multiverse of Madness, but the casting was unsuccessful. Now, new details about Balder’s ditched role have come to light.

Doctor Strange 2 Almost Introduced Thor’s Brother


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness costume designer Graham Churchyard sat as a guest on the Phase zero Comicbook podcast to talk about the abandoned appearance of Balder the Brave.

YouTube Channel Heavy Spoilers previously shared details of a deleted scene involving Balder the Brave that was supposed to be included in Doctor Strange 2saying that Thor’s brother would have been the seventh member of the Illuminati from Earth-838.

Churchyard revealed that the team “I went very far in the design” Balder the Brave, saying they were just waiting for Marvel’s casting choice:

“We went really deep in designing Balder the Brave and then we waited and waited and waited for the cast. I took it to a prototype stage, we were kind of in this design thing, putting fabrics together and ideas and waiting for an actor.”

Balder the Brave
Marvel Comics

The MCU costume designer also confirmed that Balder “I almost made Thor 1, [Thor: The Dark World]and [Thor: Ragnarok]” while also sharing that the character’s helmet designs have been around since the first Thor film. However, Churchyard admitted that the character would not make an appearance. “soon :”

“Poor Balder the Brave, he almost did Thor 1, and Thor 2and Thor 3, if I may simplify this. Then it’s just like, ‘Yay! He’s going to have a cameo!” Poor man. I’ve seen the Marvel archive book drawings of Balder’s helmet going back to Kenneth Branagh’s. Tor. So he’s been waiting a long time and I don’t think he’s going to make an appearance anytime soon.”

When will Thor’s brother appear?

While it’s unclear when Balder the Brave will appear in the MCU, Graham Churchyard’s latest confirmation indicates the character is on the minds of Marvel Studios creatives, potentially hinting that his debut could come sooner rather than later. .

Given Chris Hemsworth‘s current Thor journey, it remains to be seen how Balder would fit into the character’s story. Thor: Love and Thunder teased that the God of Thunder was about to retire, but Gorr’s threat and the arrival of Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor caused him to change his mind.

It’s possible that the next MCU sequel will end with Thor on a different path, which could lead to his discovery of Balder. On the other hand, given New Asgard’s importance to Earth, Balder might visit the location in order to reunite with his fellow Asgardians.

Either way, all signs point to Balder possibly making an appearance soon, and it’s only a matter of time.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming on Disney+.

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