Does Kevin Feige have R-rated “Wolverine” in mind, but not with Hugh Jackman?

Project Wolverine R-Rated in development at Marvel but won’t feature Hugh Jackman? (Photo credit – Wikipedia; IMDb)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is sort of being reshaped and given a whole new avatar. The studio has been doing things they haven’t done in the last three phases and we can see the buzz that Phase 4 has already created. So now, as the studio that acquired Fox and now owns the rights to the first families as well, will be considering bringing them back. One of those characters is Wolverine and the studio will obviously be keen to bring back the part touched by Hugh Jackman. But that’s not the news.

Over the past few months, we’ve already heard that Marvel is making sure to get the most out of the Fox acquisition. The rumor mill also said the creators had already approached Hugh Jackman to take over Logan and even planned how he would be back. He died in the movies technically to jog your memory.

Now taking a step ahead of the new one, Kevin Feige decided to make the Wolverine movie with an R rating. But there’s a twist to that too. Read on to find out all you should about the same.

According to the We Got This Covered report, Kevin Feige, who was speculatively skeptical about making an R-rated Disney movie during Deadpool 3’s decision-making period, is now preparing another. The Marvel president now wants to create an R-rated Wolverine project that will bring fan-favorite Logan into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The same report later gives a heartbreaking update. According to him, the Wolverine Project which is planned with an R rating will not feature Hugh Jackman. Of course, the studio is in conversation with the actor and he’s completely ruled out a comeback, but that’s not the one he’ll pick up on his Logan. Rather, it will be a new actor playing the character who takes on the role with the same ferocity and complex morals.

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