DYK Did Chris Hemsworth initially audition for the character of Chris Pine in “Star Trek”?


Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth revealed in 2018 that he landed the role of George Samuel Kirk Sr, in the film Star Trek when he was originally auditioning for another character. He said he did a screen test to play Captain James Kirk, but was not selected for the role because it was in an initial phase. He was then called in by director JJ Abrams, who was impressed with his audition. Chris Hemsworth went on to play a small role in the 2009 film, Star Trek, which has become a huge hit among the fans.

Chris Hemsworth opens on Star Trek

Chris Hemsworth is a famous Australian actor who is best known for his work as Thor in the Marvel movies. In an interaction with No more content now, in 2018, the actor spoke about his role in the Star Trek franchise and how he ended up playing such a character in the film. He said he was part of an independent film at the time, which was titled Ca $ h. He then auditioned for the character of James Kirk, but it was very early in the process and he didn’t get the part.

Chris Hemsworth added that JJ Abram was later looking for an actor to play the role of James’ father and he remembered him. He remembered someone who looked a little like Chris Pine. He apparently asked his team who the big guy was, who had auditioned for the role of Captain Kirk.

In the same interaction, Chris Hemsworth also describes his second audition before landing the role of George Kirk. He revealed that JJ Abram had tracked him down and asked him to read the scene in his office. He also complimented Chris and told him he liked his audition tape which was made six months ago. Chris Hemsworth also revealed that he got the part at the time and actually had no idea how big the movie was. He said if he had known the project was worth $ 150 million, it probably would have scared him to a great extent.


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