Easttown mare: will Kate Winslet win the Emmy?


Welcome to Emmy Experts Typing, a weekly column in which the editors and experts of the Gold Derby Joyce Eng and Christophe rosen discussing the Emmy race – via Slack, of course. This week, as the eligibility window closes and “Mare of Easttown” wraps up, we debate the chances of everyone’s favorite detective in the Philadelphia area in a race that looked like it was over.

Christophe rosen: Hello Joyce! After a while – where we’ve undoubtedly reflected on and considered exactly how the 2021 Oscars ended on such an anti-conclusion – we’re back to entering and running as good as any other season of awards: Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie at the Emmy Awards. Not that anyone might have guessed that earlier this year, when it seemed anything but taken for granted that Anya Taylor-Joy would win in this category for “The Queen’s Gambit”. But thanks to “Mare of Easttown” and a dollop of memorable accent work, it seems Kate winslet is ready to slaughter the queen. Winslet is moving up the rankings – we both switched to the Great Kate in our predictions – and with the HBO mystery series stopping its landing with a satisfying finale, it feels like the series has all the momentum. “The Queen’s Gambit” doesn’t. (This October premiere date feels like an eternity.) As usual, you were an early adopter of Winslet and I recently turned off Taylor-Joy for the purpose. to follow in your footsteps – so explain why I shouldn’t really go back. After all, Taylor-Joy’s performance was my favorite for any actress – film or television – last year, but it got me. It’s also hard to shake off the feeling that his performance belongs to last year. (I know, I know, Emmy eligibility, like the NBA season, spans multiple calendars, but still!)

joyceeng: Look, I’m not quite ready to talk about the Knicks just yet, but I mean I like that the Emmy eligibility timeline is different from the Winter Awards, so we don’t have the usual suspects everywhere where we go like we do in the movie and we get some exciting showdowns for the first time like ATJ vs. Kate. Taylor-Joy is still the favorite – until at least the nominations and we see what shows underperformance or outperformance. But I think it’s time to put the WIN back in Winslet. I’m not sure anyone expects “Mare” to take off the way they did. It’s an organic word of mouth success, just like “The Queen’s Gambit”. People love the show, these characters, and Winslet’s performance. In my book, she has never looked so good (and as someone who went to college in this field, I can say that her accent is impeccable). I made this comparison in April, but it reminds me Patricia arquette vs. Michelle williams in 2019. Like Taylor-Joy, Arquette won the Winter Awards for “Escape at Dannemora” which was a bit of a surprise as we all expected Amy adams to get some for “Sharp Objects”, and she was the favorite throughout Phase 1, even though Williams delivered an all-time lap on “Fosse / Verdon”. I remember switching to Williams in May as the show was wrapping up because the buzz and passion for his performance kept growing. This is obviously not a perfect analogy as “The Queen’s Gambit” is way stronger than “Dannemora” and Arquette, who still had a ton of people predicting him to win post-names, was rewarded by supporting instead. “The Act”. “That being said, I still have ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ first for the series – it’s hard to ignore the fact that he literally won every guild in the winter. Are you someone who thinks series and actress must go hand in hand in this case?

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Christophe rosen: Actually I’m not, and I think that’s another reason I moved Winslet to the first place. Here is my perhaps fishy reasoning: Anya Taylor-Joy is “The Queen’s Gambit”. The whole show works because the audience buys their performance without question or doubt. The millions of viewers who helped make the drama one of Netflix’s biggest hits responded to the series because of its work. So if you’re an Emmys voter torn between Taylor-Joy and Winslet, you might be able to take comfort in knowing that a win for “The Queen’s Gambit” is essentially an endorsement from its lead actress. On the flip side, “Mare of Easttown” is truly an ensemble piece – Winslet received some of the best reviews of his career, but the show also included some notable and possibly Emmy-recognized tricks from Evan peters, Jean Smart and Julianne Nicholson. The show itself was more of a sum of its parts and its overall success is not directly related to her performance as a lead actress. Does that make any sense? Have I ever succumbed to Charlie day memeitis so early in the Emmy season? And, more importantly, does any other actress in this very deep realm have a chance to maybe sneak in for a win if Winslet and Taylor-Joy somehow split the vote?

joyceeng: Well, Charlie Day would probably show solidarity with a girl in Philly. “The Queen’s Gambit” is certainly more of a one-woman show than “Mare,” but I would say “Mare” wouldn’t perform as well as it did without Winslet’s central performance. Oddly enough, Winslet isn’t even second in the odds (yet); this place is currently owned by Michaela coel. I have it, but I feel like his best move is probably writing for “I May Destroy You” which is even older than “The Queen’s Gambit” in case you lost track of time. . I also have Elizabeth olsen and Thuso Mbedu in, but I’m not sure I can see either win even though both are very deserving of it. Olsen’s juggling with tone switches in “WandaVision” is elitist, but who knows how voters will react to a Marvel show? Although this is a Marvel show that pays tribute to television. Mbedu is fantastic in “The Underground Railroad,” which could use a quarterback reminder of the buzz that “Mare” has. Who else do you have?

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Christophe rosen: Maybe not unexpected, but I also have Michaela Coel, Elizabeth Olsen and Thuso Mbedu to complete the category (if there was ever a show that would have benefited from the slow rollout of “Mare of Easttown”, it was probably ” The Underground Railroad ”, but it’s written for another day). But I wonder if there is room for one or the other Nicole kidman or Cynthia Erivo to sneak up. Technically, Erivo should be successful, at least on the basis of our chances – and his performance as Aretha franklin in the last part of “Genius”, ticked many boxes favorable to the rewards. But I always come back to Kidman. “The Undoing” came out 54 years ago at this point (I might want to check my math here), but it was so good on HBO’s latest murder mystery and is part of a show that seems touchy. to be noted elsewhere (certainly in Best Actor where Hugh grant is a likely contender and possibly the best limited series as well). Do you think she can sneak up, leaving one of our expected five out?

joyceeng: I guess you should never underestimate Erivo. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s landed a major nomination for a performance as an iconic figure after people wondered if she was in danger. “Genius” also won nominations for its first two leads, Geoffroy Rush and Antonio Banderas. Fun fact: “The Undoing” is actually younger than “The Queen’s Gambit” (by two days). I like myself a little Nic, but I think she might have to sit this one down, especially if there are only five spots left. “Mare” has better reviews, better audience reception, better accent work (#sorrynotsorry), and a better ending. I think the worst news for her and “The Undoing” in general was “Mare” entering the chat. To quote our dear Zabel, she is their worst nocturnal mare.

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