Elsa Pataky goes barefoot shopping with her kids


Elsa Pataky and her children, Sacha and Tristan, were captured on a shopping spree near their home in Byron Bay, Australia. She gave one of her children a ride as she walked down the street, barefoot.

© GrosbyGroup
Elsa and her children looked comfortable, with soft clothes and their bare feet.

Elsa looked gorgeous without makeup, with her hair in a bun and aviator sunglasses. She wore a beige colored top and comfortable sweatpants with cheetah prints. Her children, twins Tristan and Sasha, also looked comfortable, wearing shirts, shorts and having no shoes.

Elsa Pataky goes shopping with her children© GrosbyGroup
Elsa and the children stopped to look at sunglasses in one of the shops in town.

The family were spotted looking at sunglasses in one of the stores in town, with Elsa wearing a sweater and a face mask in one of her hands.

Last week Elsa Pataky celebrated Halloween alongside her husband Chris Hemsworth and friends. The couple posed together in several photos, where they wore bloody outfits. Elsa disguised herself as a bloody nurse while Chris disguised herself as Demogorgon, one of the main villains of “Strange things” TV shows.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth© @ elsapatakyconfidentiel
Chris and Elsa had a lot of fun with their Halloween outfits.

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