Every Expendables Character Who Was Supposed To Die (And Why They Were Spared)

Despite the title, only one member of The Expendables gang died on the show, but here are the members who were nearly killed and why they were spared.

Here are all the members of The Expendables crew who nearly died in the trilogy, and why they were ultimately spared. A prototype version of The Expendables gang appeared in 2008 Rambo, which was the fourth entry in this Sylvester Stallone series. This saw Rambo team up with a group of hardened mercenaries on a rescue mission in Burma, with some of them perishing in the finale. While creating a new franchise for himself, Stallone’s first concept for the original Consumables was probably more in line with this decidedly unglamorous portrayal of mercenary life. However, during development, the project morphed from a gritty thriller to an ’80s action love letter.


The second and third entries in the Sylvester Stallone franchise also leaned more into goofy comedy and lighthearted shenanigans, with the latter sequel even earning a PG-13 rating. The franchise was also apparently very reluctant to live up to its title and actually killed off one of the central gangs. Of the three Consumables movies so far, only Liam Hemsworth’s sniper Billy has died in the second entry, his disappearance motivating the crew for revenge. Other members were seriously injured, but eventually recovered.

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The Expendables could be a tribute to all-star action movies of the 60s and 70s like The Dirty Dozen, but it lacks the harsher side of those movies in its reluctance to kill the team members. Stallone – who played a major role in drafting the first three entries – has flirted with murdering multiple Expendables, however. The first was that of Dolph Lundgren – who once had a fake JCVD ​​feud – Gunnar, who is kicked out of the team in the original and decides to sell the crew to Eric Roberts’ villain. He even leads an attempt on Barney (Stallone) and Yin Yang (Jet Li) but is shot and apparently mortally wounded by the former. However, The Expendables’ The ending reveals that Gunnar not only survived, but was forgiven by the crew.

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Gunnar survived The Expendables simply because Stallone loved working with Lundgren and wanted him back for a sequel. The next Expendable on the chopping block was Mickey Rourke’s Tool, which secures the team’s jobs in the first film. Rourke’s tool was to return for Expendables 2 and it was he who was supposed to die, presumably in the same way as Billy of Hemsworth. However, Rourke left to play a part in Seven Psychopaths alongside Colin Farrell. Rourke had mostly made his extended cameo as a tool in the original in favor of Stallone, who had given him work during a tough time in his career, so it stands to reason that he hadn’t invested heavily in franchise. Ironically, Rourke later gave up Seven Psychopaths also, after taking on director Martin McDonagh.

The last Expendable to die was Terry Crews’ Hale Caesar. In The Expendables 3, Caesar is shot and left in critical condition by Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), the sequel’s main antagonist and former band member. In the original script, the character was supposed to die, with Crews’ timeline on Brooklyn 99 preventing him from having a more important role. However, according to Stallone, Crews”pleadedwith him to keep the character alive, so Caesar is shown alive and well in The Expendables 3′final scene. The next Consumables 4 will feature several returning players, so it will be interesting to see if they all make it through the next entry in one piece.

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