Every Hugh Jackman Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Hugh Jackman‘s first real bombshell, “Van Helsing,” was a movie that actually made a decent amount of money thanks to the actor’s burgeoning reputation at the time. But given its intentions as a blockbuster designed to launch franchises and birth sequels, it was a CG disaster that felt like a horror movie in more ways than one.

Jackman was cast as the famed vampire hunter in this universal monster-based crossover film that reimagined Van Helsing as a skilled, crossbow-wielding action hero.

After hunting and killing Mr. Hyde, Van Helsing is sent to Transylvania to kill Dracula at the request of a holy order. Of course, Killing Dracula is a much bigger challenge than Van Helsing could have imagined. And vampires aren’t the monster-slaying hero’s only concern. Werewolves are everywhere, and Frankenstein comes into play later in the film.

“Van Helsing” is the most crowd-pleasing kind of movie that failed to please anyone, and writer/director Stephen Sommers seems to have had too much fun. Critics did not find the bottom they were apparently looking for in a monster action movie, and Van Helsing quickly caught on fire at the box officeeven though it managed to reach the beloved national metric of $100 million.

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