Every Legendary Cassidy Skin In Overwatch 2

Cassidy (formerly known as McCree) is an American Damage hero in Overwatch 2, with an Old West theme. His Peacekeeper Pistol is extremely effective at close range, but his abilities are generally quite low and he needs a lot of skill to play effectively.

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All Legendary Cassidy Skins in Overwatch 2

All of Cassidy’s Legendary Skins currently require Legacy Coins to be spent – either by purchasing them individually or by purchasing the Wachpoint Pack – and some of them are only available during specific seasonal events.

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Gambler (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Think of Mel Gibson in maverick. Don’t trust a poker table.

River Boat (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Same model as Gambler, but with a red and blue color scheme.

Mystery Man (purchase with legacy parts)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A darker, more sinister variation of the default Cassidy’s Man-with-No-Name inspired look.

Vigilante (purchase with legacy coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The same model as Mystery Man, but the bright yellow colors make Cassidy look like Jim Carrey in The mask.

Lifeguard (Summer Games event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

For this skin, Cassidy swaps her poncho for a beach towel and adopts a Baywatch-style see.

Van Helsing (Halloween Terror event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Inspired by Hugh Jackman‘s portrayal of Bram Stoker’s Dutch Vampire Hunter.

Mountain Man (Winter Wonderland event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another twist on the Man with No Name look, this time with fur.

Magistrate (Lunar New Year Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Inspired by the story of Arang from Korean folklore.

Blackwatch (Archive Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

An unsurprising black color scheme and a cool laser sight on the Peacemaker (which doesn’t make it any more accurate, unfortunately).

Dead End (Archive Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A sort of cross between a Wild West bandit and a biker.

Sherlock (anniversary event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Elementary, my dear Cassidy! The deerstalker hat, cape and pipe are unmistakably Sherlock Holmes inspired.

Space Raider (Watchpoint Pack set)

Screenshot by Gamepur

He’s a pirate…in space! The perfect outfit for interstellar swashbuckling.

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